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Woman hires boyfriend to kill hubby

By Patrick Chitumba in VICTORIA FALLS

A 41-year-old woman from Siabuwa, Binga, reportedly hired her boyfriend and his pal to murder her husband, a Hwange Magistrates’ Court heard. It is believed Berita Mpofu wanted to carry on with her liaison with Jameson Siamtembo (35) and pushed the latter to plot and execute her husband’s murder.

Siamtembo is understood to be related to the now deceased John Mangilazi. Siamtembo allegedly enlisted the help of his friend, Moffat Zulu, and the pair fatally assaulted Mangilazi. Mpofu, Siamtembo and Zulu, all from the Kalungwizi area in Siabuwa, were recently hauled before magistrate Mr Moffat Ncube facing murder charges.

They were remanded in custody to November 9 and have been advised to apply for bail at the High Court. It is the State’s case, as presented by prosecutor Mr Tinomupeyi Mbizha, that in April this year, Siamtembo and Mpofu began having a secret affair. The two are said to have connived to kill the deceased so that they could continue with their relationship freely.

The State further alleges that Mpofu unsuccessfully attempted to poison her husband on two occasions. When this failed, it is alleged, the two agreed to approach Zulu to help them kill Mangilazi. The court heard that on October 15, Siamtembo and Zulu invited Mangilazi for drinks at Mountain View Shopping Centre in Siabuwa. At around 9pm, the State says, the two bade Mangilazi farewell and left him at the bar.

They then allegedly waited in ambush along the footpath they knew Mangilazi would use on his way home. When the now deceased man passed near where the pair was hiding, Zulu allegedly struck him with a log on the head. Mangilazi managed to get up and flee, but unbeknown to him Siamtembo was hiding a few metres ahead, the State says.

It is alleged Siamtembo emerged and struck Mangilazi thrice on the head and face. The accused fled and Mangilazi’s body was found a while later. Police investigations led to the trio’s arrest.