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What kind of leaders are you nurturing Madhuku?

By anonymous student

Students decided to unite ZINASU but the Lovemore Madhuku and Takura Zhangazha decided to hand-pick people from the streets to masquerade as ZINASU. The Chickens are now coming to home to roost as the handpicked thugs are now doing what they know best (violence, theft, drunkenness e.t.c).

It came as a shocker that Melusi Hlabano who ceased to be a student two years ago in 2008 was bestowed to be a Treasurer General and is currently under trial for attempted murder before the Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court. It is also alleged that he bit the victim in an attempt to steal money from him.

The November 1 incident showed that the six namely Tafadzwa Mugwadi, Vivid Gwede, Melusi Hlabano, Noel Gotora, Kudakwashe Chakabva and Joram Chikwadze who claim to be ZINASU leaders are nothing more than criminals and opportunists desperate to lay their hands on silver by any means necessary. Mr Trevor Maisiri is this the leadership training that you are offering to these lads, we tend to wonder what kind of training it is.

They first put themselves under the armpits of Madhuku, then Maisiri, Sikhala  and currently ZAPU through Muswere in Masvingo in search of the dear silver pieces but all has not been enough to their satisfaction to the extent of looting from the hand that has been assisting fellow students who have been suspended, expelled and unlawfully arrested. What kind of leadership is this?

Reliable sources are informing us that the six forcefully disposed the SST finance office of a cashbox containing US$1 100 and a laptop. They went ahead to manhandle the SST coordinator Masimba Nyamanhindi and even searched the few pennies he had in his pockets, they vowed that they will not return the cash and laptop unless Masimba hired thugs or the police.

They shared the money and unwisely spent it towards the ladies of the night. The so-called International Relations Secretary Noel Gotora because of his violent antics managed to get the laptop for himself which was recovered by the police at his mother’s residence in Glen Norah. The laptop was first housed for a short period at the NCA offices which have been harbouring these criminals courtesy of Madhuku.

Trust Mutowe was first arrested who then later named the gang which resulted in the misguided Kudakwashe Chakabva (Spokesperson) was then later arrested. The two were remanded out of custody on US$50 bail each on the condition they do not interfere with state witnesses. Tafadzwa Mugwadi (President), Vivid Gwede(Secretary General), Melusi Hlabano (Treasurer General), Noel Gotora (International Relations) and Joram Chikwadze (Vice- President) are on the run as the police has commenced manhunt.

The whole bunch of this so-called National Executive Council is full of thieves we then to wonder what kind of leadership they offer. No rational student will allow such kind people to lead them and in fact nobody even voted for these charlatans.

Doctor Madhuku is this  the ZINASU that works with the NCA? What do the structures of NCA think about this?  FES why waste the German taxpayers’ money on this thugs claiming that you  providing them with leadership training through Maisiri? FES are the taxpayers’ in German fully aware of where their money is being channeled to?