Charles Mhlauri cheats death

Former Warriors and CAPS United coach Charles Mhlauri cheated death together with his wife and four kids on Tuesday morning when they escaped unharmed after their Meriden residence in Vermont, United States of America caught fire.

Charles Mhlauri

The house was completely destroyed,

According to reports from the United States, the fire broke out in an attached shed to the house around 4am while Mhlauri, his wife Thembi, their four children and two guests were inside the house which is owned by Kimbali Union Academy.

The former CAPS United mentor is the assistant athletic director at the academy as well as Lightning soccer director of coaching following his relocation to the US in 2008.

The club is assisting the Mhlauri family, who have since been evacuated to another KUA property before a permanent solution is found.

It took the fire department six hours to get the fire under control. Mhlauri has been staying at the faculty house, which is a historic house at the campus for the past five years.

And according to Meriden fire chief Frank Currier, who was quoted in the local daily newspaper Valley News, in the area which Mhlauri resides, the fire could have been fatal, as the house’s smoke detectors were not functional.

“The situation could have been much worse.

“Though the home was equipped with smoke detectors, they were not functional at the time of the fire.

At least one person inside the home was awake, smelled smoke, alerted the rest of the residents and called 911.

“It could have been a totally different story, said Currier.

According to Valley news, the fire is believed to have started in or around a trash can that was in a small shed that adjoins the house with a large barn.

The fire has since been ruled as accidental but the exact cause remains undetermined. Currier was one of the first people on the scene and said the shed and barn were fully engulfed in flames when he arrived at the Route 120 home.

He said crews tried to save the front portion of the house by knocking down flames as they moved to the main living space, but the fire spiralled out of control.

“It got up in the attic and we didn’t stand a chance.

“It was pretty much a done deal at that point,” said Currier.

The chief called the fire under control several hours after it broke out. He deemed the building a total loss. KUA sporting equipment that was housed in the barn was also destroyed, including motorised vehicles.

The head of the school Michael Schafer said people were coming in with help offers to the Mhlauri family.

“Right now, their emotional safety and the uneasiness of the dislocation and distress are first and foremost our concern.

“Many in the town have already reached out to offer assistance; we are so fortunate to be in such caring school and extended communities,” said Schafer.

Mhlauri, guided the national team to the Africa Cup of Nations 2006 edition in Egypt, where Zimbabwe again finished at the group stages. Before that Mhlauri had led CAPS United to back to back league titles in 2004 and 2005. The Herald

  • Cheated death something is wrong with your reporting

  • Thank you LORD AMEN

  • Wat do u mean “cheated death”?

    • Simple means escaped death, it’s a very correct heading in real English language. Problem is that Zimbabweans want to localise a foreign language in its true sense.

  • God protect him together with his family the way u write your story is like someone used by devil.I give thanks to God for spare his life

  • Im surprised by these pple gettin shocked over the “Cheated Death” statement….are they hearing it for the first time???Simply means Escaped death

  • Cheated Death simply means escaping death .We Thank God for his protection

  • Poor reporting

  • Mukuku weku states

  • dzinotsva futi ku America dzimba

  • Thank you Lord , keep this man and his family

  • They were saved by God. God doesn’t cheat

  • You dont cheat death. That figurative phrase must be changed now that we know God protects us

  • You never cheat death admin.Do you mean he resurect or rise from the dead. If you are not good at english why dont you write in shona my poor reporter

  • Poor reporting.go back to school

  • Praise the Lord.

  • Zviri kunzi “DZOKA KUMBA”

  • I wonder if the literary statistics in zim is correct Admin anyora chirungu chakanaka zvekuti but there are some individuals vakajaira tsumo nezvirahwe kuda Kuita twunharo #ndirikunyara

  • Aphiri anabwera

    Marketing strategy “cheated death” installing curiosity to the reader

  • lot chitakasha

    Glad Charle and family are safe.Thank God for life!..indeed we do not cheat death,God protects. It is like Mtukudzi singing,pane varume vanorarama neraki,vasingazive pane anochengeta…the statement is correct and accepted in English but I do not think one can cheat death.Ndakaita raki…?? ..wrong thinking methinks.

  • they is no distance in e spirit…..someone in a small..village . in zim is sending curses kkkk

  • anhu kushora chete number 1

  • Hope you well school mate.

  • Just Poor Interpretation of English Language. But u guys know what e Admin is (Trying) to report!!!!!!

  • Hehehede that’s an excellent headline that keeps one in this business of news.
    To those of my brothers please the expression is figurative/metaphoric and it’s very correct.
    Musatuka vamwe because of our ignorance and limitation in interacting with lots of literature.

  • Escape and cheat is the same?….hooooo

  • Nathan Mugwindiri I agree with you pakaipa

  • it is better to cheat death for armed robbery,may be it make sence than fire

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