Music helps Kelly heal – Senzo track on album

By Lesley Mofokeng | Sowetan Live |

Kelly Khumalo put on a brave face yesterday as the country remembered the second anniversary of the death of Senzo Meyiwa, her soccer star lover and father of her daughter.

Girlfriend Kelly Khumalo and the late Senzo Meyiwa
Girlfriend Kelly Khumalo and the late Senzo Meyiwa

Khumalo was shooting the youth soapie Rhythm City, where she plays the controversial Sunay.

“I think as time goes on, one learns to live with such things and not let it get in the way of your everyday life. I’m on set. I can’t afford to sit at home and sulk and mourn, I’ve had to brush it off. I can’t be falling apart every year on this day. It is what it is. It is painful, but I’ve decided let me go on.”

Tomorrow, Khumalo releases her latest album, titled My Truth, which is possibly the most personal recording she has done. Khumalo worked with hitmakers Mjakes, Robbie, Kris J and David Mutanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo on production and collaboration.

She started recording the 13- track release in March with the touching gospel tune, My Testimony, and worked on the music until this month.

“God has brought me so far. My man was killed in front of me and people had so much to say; others said I belonged in jail for something I had nothing to do with. But God has been with me and I’m still well and I can go home to be the best mother I can be,” Khumalo said.

The music is cathartic, and she recorded a song in tribute to Meyiwa, called Senzo.

“I wrote it when I was in the kitchen. How I wish I could say a whole lot of things to him. How we planned our life together.”

In it she sings: “You left so early baby, there’s a lot we wanted to do, and raise our kids. I wish to tell you that I love you one more time.”

Asked how she would be performing the emotionally charged song, she replied: “I don’t know… but this is my healing process, to sing it until it’s not hurting. I remember Senzo in a beautiful way. We added some Motown swing so that it’s not a depressing song. Senzo was a beautiful soul, always happy.”

She added: “This album is super personal. It touches on all the aspects of my life, my love life, being a mom, and sharing the innermost personal thoughts of the mirror image.

“I’m not afraid to speak the truth.”