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UK-based Zanu PF agents creep out of the woodwork

By Nomalanga Moyo

Scores of UK-based ZANU PF activists who have been lying low are coming out into the open and forming branches of the political party as they demonstrate their support for the regime.

The latest branch to be launched this week in Bracknell, in central southern England, was attended by dozens of the regime’s supporters whose names reflect the current ZANU PF leadership.
Zanu PF members in the UK. Most of them are asylum seekers who claimed persecution at the hands of the Zanu PF regime in Zimbabwe.

The latest branch to be launched this week in Bracknell in Berkshire (England), was attended by dozens of the regime’s supporters whose names reflect the current ZANU PF leadership.

Other branches have been launched in Kent, Coventry, Birmingham, and Harlow.

A snapshot of the list of attendees included prominent ZANU PF names such as Mliswa, Chidarikire, Chikowore, Vambe, Mangwana, Mararike, among others.

Ephraim Tapa, rights activist and coordinator at UK-based lobby group ZimVigil, said while he is not shocked that there are so many regime agents in the UK, their brazenness had surprised him.

“We have always known that there are regime agents among us. Until recently they have been working clandestinely, feeding the regime with information and also infiltrating organisations such as the ZimVigil to cause confusion and disunity.

“However, I find their audacity to launch branches across the UK surprising, given their leader Robert Mugabe’s terrible human rights record.

“This is disrespectful to victims of Mugabe’s brutality and it will cause anxiety as people realise that all along they had ZANU PF agents in their midst,” Tapa said.

Tapa added that instead of endorsing Mugabe’s misrule, the ZANU PF activists should reflect on the freedoms they enjoy in Europe which millions of Zimbabweans back home have been denied.

“In the UK they are able to organise, associate, and express themselves freely yet their relatives in government won’t allow the majority of Zimbabweans to do that.”

Zanu PF UK chairman Nick Mangwana (second from left)
Zanu PF UK chairman Nick Mangwana (second from left)

Tapa blamed the European Union’s re-engagement drive which he said was “sending signals that it is now OK to do business with ZANU PF when in reality nothing has changed”.

“That is where these people are deriving their energy and confidence from. With the EU showing its support, the Mugabe regime and its supporters no longer see any reason to change or hide.”

He said ZimVigil will be lobbying the UK government to conduct a status review for any ZANU PF activist granted the right to stay in the country by falsely claiming that they were facing persecution back home. Some misrepresented themselves as MDC supporters he added.

MDC spokesman Nhlanhla Dube said it is well known that ZANU PF officials sent their families abroad when conditions began to deteriorate in the country.

“After plundering and destroying all sectors, including education, they sent their children and families to western countries to protect them from the consequences of their bad governance.

“Some of these sought asylum when in fact their parents and families were the perpetrators of the violence. We find it ironical that these would choose to declare their allegiance to the regime in the comfort of western democracies,” Dube said.

Dube slammed ZANU PF officials for their double standards in calling for exiled Zimbabweans to return home when their own families are showing no inclination to do so. SW Radio Africa

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  • Fox

    Shameless pigs. They lied, abused UK system at the expense of genuine asylum seekers. The UK must revoke their statuses so long they were obtained through asylum. ZANU thugs have no shame. What do you expect anyways from people who have plundered our country through lies and deceit?

  • TheTribulationTimes

    We are taking names to the UK Border Agency for review. If any of these ZANU’s claimed asylum on grounds of persecution by ZanuPF their right of abode in the UK may be revoked and they could be deported.

    It’s only fair…

    • Cde Nikuv Riggington

      Mduduzvi Mathuthu should be number 1 on that list!

      • Maenzanise

        shame on you guys!!! you mothers will regret carrying you for the nine months they did.

        • Cde Nikuv Riggington

          How so Mr Green Bomber?

        • Guest

          vako mai kwete vangu nxa!!!

  • TheTribulationTimes

    One of the guys in this gallery is an ex British Army serviceman who obtained British Citizenship by virtue of his employment as a serviceman. Last time I checked, he was working as an attachè at M15. He is at this event with his wife too.

    Not clever

    • Maenzanise

      so what?????????????Tribulation times or whatever you are too bitter matter….be careful as you could be found breaching confidentiality!!,

  • Mike

    The UK can revoke their right of sty in UK if they want to, based on their falsehoods.

    • Special 1

      They cant on the basis that they will have to re asses each individual case be it ZPF or MDC as both have based their claims on falsehoods. This will be impractical and by the way do not mistake ZPF to a terrorist organization.

    • Maenzanise

      Law aint as stupid as people like you Maikoro!!

  • Mike

    In this time and age unoshaya kuti munhu anenge anedzakakwana here ku supporter ZANU PF chokwadi; nekuwondonga kwayaita nyika. But then you will realize that they want ZANU PF kuti irambe ichitonga so that they have the excuse to continue staying in UK, otherwise ikabva zvonzi saka chidzokerai kumusha.

    • Special 1

      The reverse is true

    • Maenzanise

      hantie wazongoona Maikoro kuti une bitterness… munhu anenge akakwana wo here kuti nhasi Oti MDC A, Mangwana Mdc B ,kuswera mangwana ya D, mumwe musi i MDCT…ahh imiwoye…isu vamwe takazvitadza..,saka imboti regai timbofema.

  • Special 1

    Its a pity when MDC-T,N,R,99 etc. find it sinister for ZPF to have their own structures in the UK. The UK is not for MDC supporters only, its a free democracy where any legal group can freely operate within the country’s remits. Its not all that are joining ZPF that have been members from back home, as a normal human being before you chose who you want to support be it a football team or political party you assess who is selling the best ideology between the parties and for sure only an idiot or mentally retarded person would join any of the MDC’s. No matter what you say about revoking peoples right to stay in the UK(which will not happen) am sorry if that happens no one of the bogus asylum claimants would remain in the UK. Lets not have double standards here most of the MDC members falsely claimed that they feared persecution, which was not true.

    • Coolage

      UK is a free democracy, something we are not… Would Zimbabwe (ZANU i mean) allow South African D. A party to have a branch in here? Hell NO!!! I wonder, if they are Zanu sympathisers in the Huekay there, what are they telling their ‘supporters about the situation back home? Yet they are actually not willing to go back home.

      • Special 1

        You are wrong my friend going back home is an individual choice which was the same as the one taken when one decided to leave the country. We now live in a global village where everyone can freely live where they want and feel is better for them to do business. People are gaining valuable cultural exchanges in the diaspora which will help our nation in the future. It is these ZPF cadres abroad who can drive Zimbabwean politics to the next level by inheriting the reigns from the old guard and re turning some of the policies bringing them in line with modern politics.

      • Tha Truth

        You are so right they support Mugabe yet they are not willing ot live in the same conditions which are being subjected to ordinary Zimbabweans. I believe these people are selfish and do not care about ZImbabweans becaus if they did they would not support such a govenmnet which so much disregard for human rights.

        • Maenzanise

          y should we nhaiwe tha turuth ,,, todawo kuchengeta mhuri dzedu asi chata ramba ku support machinja anongochinja day and night,nhasi i MDC A-Z…ahhh yowee.

          • Tha Truth

            If you care about the future of young people you will do anything to remove that party from power, give MDC a go if it does not deliver vote them out and go to the next one.

          • Munetsi

            pwaahhhaa how many times have we given MDC a chance??all it does is to come up with new names?MDC MDC THAT,,,

      • Maenzanise

        who cares nhai Corege?

    • inini1545

      Indeed you are a “special 1” . Well incase anyone of those idiots is linked to directly to the gross human rights violation,such as gukurahundi, murambatsvina, uk immigration has the right to deport them. If it is proven that the false fied information in order to remain in the UK, they will be deported.

      • Special 1

        Don’t go there , murambatsvina was for the better and gukurahundi was a necessity.

  • riman09

    Shamelessness is a virtue some people do not have. No wonder some murderers will cry miscarriage of justice to their deaths! I kmnow that Mangwana guy; he was in Chinhoyi in a family law firm. He never changed his allegiance one bit.

    shameful if he’s one of those that claimed asylum and now want to promote their murderous party. It shows that, ‘chiri mumoyo chiri muninga’!

    • Maenzanise

      Which Mangwana???,,,claiming what Asylum???ahhh Riman09 unotoda kunokandwa Ku Ingutscheni nekuty unorambidza pfungwa kuita basa radzo!!,check your records well well.

  • nxa

    These people are just a bunch of crooks. You will find most of them here http://www.saaf.org.uk/who-we-are/regional-members/

  • informer

    Imbbwa dzezanu dzinodei kunyika yema”imperialists”?? These double standard shameless Zanu fools enjoy world class facilities and systems whilst at the same time ululating to a country rapist like Matbili who is taking our country to the stone ages. Cant they see that their actions are treacherous for supporting an evil self centred murderer masquerading as a “nationalist”, but in reality has no tangible success except arguments and propaganda? How do they feel enjoying a good life and denying their fellow countrymen basic decent lives??
    With such selfish ldiots our country will surely remain stuck in reverse gear for a long time to come.


    I have read this article and did lots of thinking as I always do. I think it is important for people to note that : these ZANU guys were given permission by the same UK governmnet to operate their party in the UK. They are not doing something illegal. The UK can not revoke their visas because at the time they got them their circumstances were something and if they have changed it is not a crime, they are actually allowed to support a party of their choice. If I was in the UK I would have joined them as well.

    Saka the M15 guy whats the fuss about him? I wonder who it is but what does it matter.
    Whoever he is he must be a very smart guy and Zimbabweans should be proud of him that a Zim guy actually worked as a British spy thats a great achievement.

    This article suggests that the writer is jealous of other peoples work.
    I rang the UKBA myself to seek clarification on such matters hauna zvakadaro so forget avout visas being revoked. kkkk

    • Avi8r

      Don’t you find it concerning that an individual who purpots himself patriotic to Zimbabwe serves the intelligence of another country?
      Unless of course in reality he is an operative of Zimbabwean intelligence.

      • MARY MOYO

        It doesnt matter its just a job come on please dont be silly. Are you jealous or what? That is an achievemnent! let the truth be told

        • Tha Truth

          Its a highly sensitive job so it matters, you cant have for example a patriotic North Korean working in the British Army does not make sense at all its the same concept here

  • diblo dibala

    Imbwa dzevanhu.Let them come home & enjoy life under Zanu Pf.UK must deport these idiots vaone kuipa kweZanu.



    • Munetsi

      ko kuzonyora in capital letters?ahh une bitterness.

  • Chikuyochisamarengu

    Tichatanga kuvaverenga manje manje mumapaper umu! Ndoo paunoona kuti ZANU PF chiwororo, muZimbabwe ungabvumidzwe kuita izvi pasina Riot?

  • Trapped

    Zanu has not been honesty in all its activities, thats why I feel sorry for some people who are on the pictures.Technology is good. I noticed one of the notorious Zanu pf youth member who was involved in the torture and murder of a white farmer.(mhosva hairovi, inokutevera) There are three British Ex army members, who are now eating with the regime. I noticed one CIO, guy from London as well. Zanu is a geneous failed gvt, It just operate like the North Korea regime and the Chinese communist party. Zanu is actually lying to its own people that they are recruiting , creating Jobs in sectors like mining, farming and its scheme of Zim Asset.. This is a spin, The truth is CIOs, are in this messy game. Zanu wants to tarnish its own people who left years ago for various reasons including poverty and torture. Zanu is in war with the British gvt. This was a a cheap trap, and they want to expose their own people. Here from me there are No Jobs in zimbabwe, No loans, no good contracts fro investors.

    • Mhofu

      Those ZPF fools must be deported today

      • Munetsi

        chinzwa kufunga chacho go read your books mate ok?

  • Truthbetold

    These are all ZANU PF fonies. Only 1 or 2 are genuine supporters. The rest seek to benefit from minda nemaloan eZANU. Dai MDC yaipa minda that room would be empty. Zvino chavari kukanganwa ndechekuti politics is a dirty game, matsotsi haagerani, u can only imagine what will happen wen ZANU fights back. MaCIO will expose all the fonies, imi muchiti tiri tese muZANU. Watch the space.

  • Christopher Chidarikire

    Agents? So where are MDC Agents? Surely they are entitled to their political affiliations as much as we are. Instead of wasting time on them shouldn’t you be mobilising your own structures. Typical opposition come election cry foul yet majority of people comment nonsense instead of how to make our structures stronger than theirs. If he got citizenship after serving in army what’s wrong with that? He qualified and they gave him. Did they issuebased on being MDC nmember?

    • Tha Truth

      I think the issue is not that they support ZANU but are asylum seekers who claimed they needed protection from ZANU

      • Christopher Chidarikire

        The claim that they are asylum seekers is baseless coz if they were their status would be revoked. It’s failure of opposition to win people and revert to this name calling. Assumption that everyone is an asylum seekers. Diverting attention that opposition is failing to sell it’s ideas and struggle. Open your own branches counter with real issues other than just name calling CIO ,agents, etc

        • Tha Truth

          Read the article properly instead of basing arguement on your political inclination, it says some of the people who were there were asylum seekers, I did not say all of them. MDC already has structures in the UK,Australia, USA, South Africa why would they want to op[en branches when they already have branches. Even under persecution the opposition still has a voice and you should know that the political environment in ZImbabwe is not conducive for an opposition party so dont expect miracles from MDC.

          • Maenzanise

            aww please zvamunawo ma brunch ndezvipi zvine musoro zvamuri kuita?kunze kwekuswera muchitu ka ZPF ?ma meetings enyu ngaave nemusoro.kuunganira kutuka vanhu honestly?

          • Tha Truth

            First of all I didnt not mention that I belong to MDC I am just stating facts and what is ZPF doing for Zimbabwe you have 1 minister saying if you critisize Mugabe we will put you under survaillance and another saying our 5 year ZimAsset will only be realised after 40 years. ZANU busy fighting abt leadership that they are not even attempting to fix the economy saka tell me who is having meaningful meetings. Do you understand the job of an opposition political party?

          • Munetsi

            you sound so MDC though.

          • Tha Truth

            I am not MDC and I do not support ZANU i support good policies which are centered on the needs of ordinary Zimbabweans. I support people who respect other people’s rights.

          • Christopher Chidarikire

            You see were you are wrong . You assume you know my party inclinations. Just like reaching a conclusion that just because they are zanu and in UK they are asylum seekers.

          • Christopher Chidarikire

            Zanu has structures there too but expanding branches within while MDC busy doing this to later cry foul

      • Munetsi

        kutosarudza ZPF nemoyo,kutoida kwete zvefunny and hatidzokere shure!!!

  • Dust Kasiyapfumbi

    It is a democratic right to belong to a political organisation of your choice. Charwadza chii shanje kunge munenyika yamakasika.
    Imi itai zve mdc ivo vaite zve zanu yavo mosangana kupub.


    These stooges sure look miserable, unhappy and are very dumb enough to think if they maintained an allegiance to that blantyrean tyrant in zim, then they might have a slice of the cake that zanu poo poo has cut for itself.Zanu poo poo doesn’t give two hoots about these miserable folks, they can wave their fists as high as they can, but definitely will not get them a stake in those blood “diamonds” nor any recognition whatsoever.They are just a confused bunch, zanu poo poo has its stronghold in zimboland, NOT the UK, their interests are NOT in the UK and so ANY support from the UK is infact meaningless to Zanu poo poo in any way one looks at this.

    • Manyara Manyara

      Zanu POO POO! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Befitting.

      • Maenzanise

        thats where you are wrong mukutya kuty masarira ka?zvino unlike zvamukufunga,thats not our intentions land yei?tinoidii tiri kuno ?kana ndichida land ndoitsvaga ka muno mu UK,endai mogara ppasi mowona zvamuri kutadza imi ma Chinja sebato,mogadzirisa.moona kuti hamuitewo ma followers here?,, and sort your house please abeg there is a lot of dust everywhere maybe thats why you are losing credibility?

  • chiendambuya

    WTF.. Editor please can you organise interviews with these individuals tinzwe their side of the story. I see a bunch of opportunists using a bunch of fools to further their political careers .. kutosumudza chibhakera.

  • Fudge1

    Chancers’ &/or fraudsters synonymous with many a Zimbo’s who lack a shred of conscience &/or comprehension of the consequences of their actions. Anyway &/or anything to enable one to ‘fleece’ cash &/or kuhura, shame on you!

  • Chat2206

    Kuti Zanu PF ndokuti Boko Haram!

  • Maenzanise


  • Jonathan Moyo for President

    Look at the guy on far left

  • Munetsi

    nekuty ndiwe ani?makoshei ma chinja interview nemi kuti munei????..nxa!!!

  • Unobvuaani

    Msatanyoko waMugabe and everyone ano supporter jende iroro!