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Flip flop Jonathan Moyo exposed on sanctions

Tsholotsho North MP and Zanu PF apologist Professor Jonathan Moyo is the butt of many Zimbabweans jokes right now. Publication after publication is exposing his contradictory statements over the years, showing a man with no principles but  a perchant for self preservation at whatever cost to his dignity.

Professor Jonathan Moyo (right)
Professor Jonathan Moyo (right)

Writing in the state owned Sunday Mail newspaper this weekend Moyo said “the historic Zanu-PF-led anti-sanctions petition launched by President Robert Mugabe on March 2 gathered further momentum this weekend with its localisation at major centres in all the country’s 10 provinces.”

This he said signaled ‘its rolling national character, sanctions denialists among regime change donors and their puppets in the MDC and some media circles are becoming jittery, desperate and reckless because their assured doom is now written on the wall.” This he said was because “Zanu-PF has come up with a dynamic, comprehensive and actionable response to the evil sanctions.”

How your own words come back to bite you was there for all to see as several newspapers reproduced an article written by Moyo in May 2006 in which he attacked “the dire poverty of Mugabe’s speech at the opening of the second session of the sixth parliament’ and said the anti-sanctions mantra was just propaganda.

Moyo wrote, “For example, Mugabe claimed, as part of his new propaganda line, that the economic suffering in the country is being caused by so-called illegal economic sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United States and some white members of the Commonwealth.

“But to show that this claim is just propaganda, Murerwa’s (Finance Minister) fiscal policy statement did not address the so-called illegal sanctions at all. This is odd. When, as the head of state, Mugabe identifies a particular issue as the cause of the country’s economic woes, it stands to reason that his Finance minister should prioritise and systematically address that issue.”

Commenting on the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) in the United States Moyo said although it was ‘objectionable’ its provisions “cannot be said to be illegal either in terms of United States law or international law.”

“If there was any illegality in terms of international law, the government of Zimbabwe would have by now taken the matter up with the appropriate international bodies with the relevant jurisdiction. The fact that no such thing has happened or will happen shows that the mumbo jumbo from the Zanu PF government about the so-called illegal sanctions is cheap propaganda.”

Moyo went further to argue that “despite spirited attempts to attribute the present economic turmoil to the so-called illegal sanctions, all available indications suggest that the sanctions issue is indeed nothing but propaganda. That is why there is no response to it either in the fiscal or monetary policy.

“Yet Mugabe and Murerwa understand that the sanctions talk is pure Zanu PF propaganda for mobilising political support from the masses by seeking to make them believe that their suffering is due to economic sanctions imposed by imperialist foreigners and not a result of the failure of their government,” he added.

  • delron

    jonathan is out of date with the reality and seem to be disconnected to the real facts about sanctions.his inconsistences are not new to the electorate.

    • Co-Leader

      I still remember Jonathan Moyo spitting vernon at Robert Mugabe on several occassions. Is CIO still operating ? If so why is this egg-shaped headed item still alive ? CIO chief must submit a report to the President explaining why.

  • Tozeza

    Jonathan Moyo statements will never add up. he is the man who has actually led zimbabwe to this dire situation. Do you remember his utterences in the elections held in 2000. "The chances of MDC winning even one seat are between null and zero". How many seats did MDC win in those elections? Jonathan Moyo misleads ZANU PF. He created enemies for ZANU PF. He is the one who started the campaign against the WEST. He is the one who cape up with draconian laws to subvert the media. He caused the suffering of people with his miscalculated cheap politcs of hate. When he started doing that, ZANU PF forgot about running the economy, it forgot about infrustructure, it forgot about healy, education, you name it. Zimbabweans left in droves after Moyo had entered politcs. When ZANU PF started concentrating on Propaganda, things worsened and people hated ZANU PF more. Come on ZANU PF people, Jonathan is using you. he has destroyed our country. Come one Zimabweans, Jonathan has divided our country, what happend to Mugabe who used to appear on ZTV talking issues to do with governmence. jonathan has destructed our country. Forget about his professorship, which he got from AMERICAN universities. How come Jonathan drives a mercedes benz (a european car), from european sanctions. PLEASE JONATHAN GET OUT OF POLITICS AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY

  • Fidelis Chiteka

    The sanctions story is getting interesting. You will remember I wrote that the die hard sadist criminals who express their wishes everyday of poverty, hunger and starvation plus economic ruin for Africa will only stop the freezing of accounts (including reserve bank) and properties by a court process. I did mention 3 to 7 months.

    Well, the showdown is in the atmosphere and the case will start in a local court and end up with the International Courts of Justice. They are the war criminals of world war three.

    It is really quite funniest that they have come togethert in one bunch to start another one after 43 months since 3 July 2007. They are on parameter three and its good to have the really good demarcation between the good ones and the bad ones.

    Trade embargos have always known to be associated with war aganist the people themselves, the fat pigs are always known to make more on both side during the process and only the people feel it. Who knows it feels it.

    The process will start with police statement (recommended by lawyer) and statement to criminals within a parameter three association initiating criminal litigation. Its a matter of time.

  • Kudakwashe Kelvin Ma

    Now i have come to the conclusion that Zanu PF want to learn it the hardest way. In 2004 it expelled this same propaganda strategest from his position as Gvt Information Minister and as Zanu PF 's deputy information secretary. Now they rehired this same confused man in the central committee, giving him a big floor to mess with everyone's life with his cheap propaganda like this again. J. Moyo took Mugabe by supprise few years ago with a (near miss), this man will remain a time ticking bomb in Zimbabwe.