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Hopewell Chin’ono slams ANC “propaganda” on Zimbabwe sanctions

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party for seemingly siding with Zanu-PF on the position pertaining to the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the western countries.

Addressing the media post the ANC Top 7 results announcement during the 55th National Conference yesterday, the newly elected ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula, said their position on Zimbabwe remained that they do not support regime change.

Mbalula further stated that the ANC needed to campaign more against sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the Europeans and Americans.

He added that, if targeted sanctions are removed on Zimbabwe, the country could become the breadbasket of Africa again.

“We don’t subscribe to the idea of regime change in Zimbabwe. We need to campaign very hard to get things right because Zimbabweans are coming to our country in their numbers because something is not right in their own country,” Mbalula said.

“Once that country becomes what it was, there will be no Zimbabwean here. So, the British and the Americans must think very hard about what they have done.

‘They must uplift the sanctions so that Zimbabwe can grow as an economy and not use sanctions to deepen the pain and impoverishment of Zimbabweans. The British know what they agreed to in Lancaster.

“They must come to the party and invest in the compensation of Zimbabweans in the programme of land reform distribution.”

Hopewell Chin'ono
Hopewell Chin’ono
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Commenting on the statement by Mbalula, Chin’ono accused the ANC of not understanding the situation in Zimbabwe and supporting Zanu-PF to “rig elections” and fuel “corrupt rule”.

“Dear South Africans

“It is a pity that your ruling party has no understanding of what is wrong in Zimbabwe.

“If the ANC continues with this attitude of supporting Zanu-PF’s Corrupt Rule, be prepared for more Zimbabweans coming your way. The ANC has chosen propaganda over facts!

“Fikile Mbalula has effectively said that the ANC will support rigged elections because he says they don’t want to see change in Zimbabwe.

“That will also mean more illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe looking for a better future.

“I am sure you now see what we have told you that your Government is the problem.”

Zanu-PF director for information Tafadzwa Mugwadi appeared to be happy with the position taken by ANC.

He said: “The youthful vibrance in the ANC is plausible. The newly elected SG Cde Mbalula Fikile aka Mr Fixit has just sent regime change puppets and masters packing. Don’t forget that H.E Cyril Ramaphosa has been to Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing St over removal sanctions on Zimbabwe.”

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa won 2,476 against his rival, Zweli Mkhize, a former party treasurer and health minister who garnered 1,897 votes from a total of 4,386 votes cast by party delegates from across the country.

Main Zimbabwean opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has since paid tribute to the elected ANC leaders and pledged to work with them to build Africa.

“Congratulations to HE Cyril Ramaphosa and Paul Mashatile for being elected President and Vice President of the ANC respectively. I also congratulate my brother and Cde Mbalula Fikile for being elected Secretary General. Let us build a New Africa! Mayibuye iAfrica,” he said.