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Mabvuku twins jailed three months for igoring court order on disputed house

Two well known Mabvuku twins who were recently arrested for ignoring a High Court order for them to vacate a disputed property in which their father fraudulently transferred ownership into his own name after declaring other siblings as dead were yesterday convicted by a Harare magistrate on their own plea.

The duo Takunda Mafunga and Lionel Mafunga (24) who were charged with contempt of court were sentenced to three months imprisonment which was wholly suspended on condition of good behaviour.

One of the remaining siblings Dr Maria Mafunga had challenged occupation of the house by the twins who had turned the house into brothel while also constantly abusing and disrupting the peaceful occupation of the house by the tenants who were appointed by Dr Mafunga.

According to the State, on September 15, this year an order was granted by the High Court ordering the accused persons to restore vacant possession of Stand number 7082 New Tafara house within 24 hours.

The court heard that on the date unknown to the complainant but in October 2023, the accused persons approached stand number 7082 New Tafara and broke the door and gained entry and occupied two rooms thereby violating the High Court order.

The accused persons were then arrested.

The twins had accused Dr Mafunga of chasing them from their fathers house not knowingly that their father had fraudulently changed the family property into his name prejudicing other siblings.

It is alleged the duo instigated a terror campaign to deny entry to their late father’s siblings.

According to an application filed by Dr Mafunga at the High Court, her brother William Mafunga who is the father of the duo passed on sometime in 2013 and this year, the duo registered the property as their father’s estate.

Dr Mafunga only came to know this after she was invited by the Master of the High Court office. Upon becoming aware of these developments, she then carried out due diligence and established what had transpired.

She then discovered that their fathers property was fraudulently registered in 2001 by their brother William Mafunga who went on to transfer the property to the exclusion of other beneficiaries.

Dr Mafunga then approached the court to rectify the fraudulent transfer of the property in order to benefit all the family and the court granted a spoliation order.

The duo were also ordered to vacate the property within 24 hours, and that they should not interfere with applicants use and enjoyment of the said premises unless authorised by the court.