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Sello Maake kaNcube leaves bride hanging… bails out of lobola ceremony

South African actor Sello Maake kaNcube’s marriage to businesswoman Pearl Mbewe is reportedly hanging in the balance, after his family failed to turn up for a lobola payment ceremony recently.

KaNcube, who paid part of the lobola two years ago, reportedly told Mbewe he was now ready to finish payment, hence their decision for Mbewe to leave their home and wait for her groom’s family at her home in Soweto.

However, on the set day, KaNcube’s family never came, as Mbewe’s family waited the whole day in hope.

According to Zimoja, this is due to the fact that KaNcube is now reconsidering his commitment to Mbewe.

Complicating matters is the fact that KaNcube is reportedly still living in the same household with his ex-wife, despite Mbewe’s presence. Their family home also accommodates some of his children and grandchildren.

“Sello still lives with his ex-wife, daughter, grandchildren and Pearl in the same house. It seems like he is dealing with a lot right now.

“While he loves Pearl, I think he’s struggling to balance his family and new marriage. Despite nothing going on between him and his ex-wife, their shared history might be adding to the tension,” said the source.

Since the KaNcube family’s no-show, Mbewe has refused to return to their home, as she is believed to be hurt and embarrassed by what transpired.

According to the source, some people close to the actor felt Mbewe now had too much influence in his life and encouraged him to pull out of the lobola ceremony.

“They seem to be forgetting that not only did Pearl make his brand stronger again, but she also has been making sure that he is making money.

“That woman is educated, articulate, and skilled in client communication, setting her apart from many other managers and agencies. She is the real deal,” said the source.

In an interview with News24, Mbewe refused to indulge speculation on the state of her union with KaNcube.

“People will always believe what they want. Let’s let them be! The truth will prevail,” she said.