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Kelly Khumalo’s mother Sikhonzile to testify against rape accused Jub Jub

Kelly Khumalo’s mother, Sikhonzile Khumalo, is set to testify against rapper and music personality Jub Jub as he answers to charges of rape, assault and attempted murder filed by her daughter.

Sikhonzile has been deposed by South Africa’s National Prosecution Agency, as she claimed that she had been present at least one time when Jub Jub assaulted Khumalo, his one-time lover.

Jub Jub is facing allegations of rape and sexual assault from several women including actress Amanda Du-Pont and media personality Masechaba Khumalo.

Jub Jub and Khumalo share a son, Christian (13).

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In an affidavit corroborating Khumalo’s allegations against her ex-boyfriend, Sikhonzile alleged that the songbird had at one time fled from Jub Jub after he tried to rape and suffocate her.

“My daughter Kelly told me that Jub Jub forced himself by raping her and he used a pillow to suffocate her when he was raping her. It shocked and scared me. How can he do that when he says he loves Kelly,” she stated.

Sikhonzile said she had witnessed several incidences in which Jub Jub had attacked her daughter, including one incident when he assaulted all of them in her house when she tried to intervene in one of their fights.

“We never did nothing, he just left us and that was the last time we had to deal with Jub Jub Molemo’s abuses(sic). I don’t remember everything as it’s a long time. I only mentioned those incidents where I know they hurt me inside my soul,” reads her affidavit.