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Olinda Chapel dumps husband Tytan before making cryptic U-turn

Allegedly ‘heartbroken’ UK based socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel publicly dumped her musician husband Tytan Nkomo via a Facebook post on Sunday before appearing to make a cryptic U-turn later on.

“It comes with an extremely heavy and broken heart, that I have to announce I am walking away from my marriage. I have loved with my soul and I forgiven so many things that are deemed unforgivable,” she began her facebook post.

“I will not get into the details that has made me reach this decision. But I want you to know the decision has been a very difficult one. Walking away from both my husband and my best friend.

“You fight for your marriage, you don’t fight the person you want to stay married to especially when you are the one in the wrong. I just can’t anymore,” Olinda concluded.

Hours later she appeared to make a U-turn by posting “Izvozvo zvivaroyi zvangazvafara 😂😂😂. Zivai zvekuturika ma curtain, kwete marriage dzevanhu. With Love Mrs Nkomo.”

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A few hours before she had posted “If you are dating my husband please keep him.”

Some weary Zimbabweans accused Olinda of attention-seeking behaviour while some believe her relationship with Tytan is going through some stormy waters.