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Legendary Dynamos goalie, Japhet Mparutsa narrates how he bought his first house aged 21

United-Kingdom based legendary Dynamos goalkeeper Japhet ‘Short Cat’ Mparutsa, took to his Facebook page to detail how he bought his first house in Zimbabwe aged just 21.

In his post, Mparutsa expresses his gratitude he became a landlord, in fact, not just a landlord, but in Harare, also in a low density suburb, in his early 20s.

He thanks the almighty as well as all those who helped him through the process of buying his first house in Bluff Hill through a bond or mortgage.

The former Warriors goalkeeper wrote on his timeline: “I bought my first house in Bluff Hill suburb, Harare at the age of 21! Some might be wondering how I managed to do that at an age when many young men of my age were still living with their parents.

“Well, when I joined Black Rhinos, Mudhara Mujuru always advised us to invest in properties. Tengai dzimba vapfanha musazotinetse mangwana!” he [Mujuru] used to say,” he posted.

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“I paid heed. Those days it was very easy to get a “bond” which many people all over the world know as a mortgage. But I needed someone to guide me through the process.

“I have to thank Mudhara Robson Rundaba who worked for ZIFA but was also employed by an Estate agent.

“When I went for my first viewing of the house, the white owner thought there was a mistake. He could not believe that one so young wanted to buy his house.

“Mudhara Robson Rundaba assured him [white owner] that all was fine and he was happy to give the go ahead. I secured my “bond ” mortgage with CABS building Society .

“I paid a deposit of $5, 000 but now needed transfer fees to complete the sale. When God wants to bless you, he can turn your mistake into a blessing.

“The same week, I was selected as part of a Harare Select team to play State House Tornadoes, a team that was owned by President Canaan Banana.

“The match was for the official opening of the State House Stadium. Oh yes, there is a stadium at State House, this is where President [Canaan Banana] owned team used to play.

“I arrived late at State House. All the honourable guests were there including the President. Embarrassed to see me arriving late when the match was just about to start, Mudhara Job Kadengu then ZIFA Chairman called me aside, [asked why I was late for the match].

“Mupwere!”, Kadengu said in his deep Manyika accent. He used the term “mupwere ” all the time [he spoke to players]. “Why are you late,” he asked?

“I explained to him, “Mudhara, I have just bought a house and I was running around to get some transfer fees!”

“He looked at me, he was obviously impressed by my effort to buy a house.

“He said “Ndiwo Musoro Ka uyu,!” How much do you [now] need?” I told him $2.500. He instructed me to visit his office on Monday.

“We played the match, won ,celebrated and went home. On Monday morning, 7:30 I was at the ZIFA House. I couldn’t be late this time. Mudhara Job arrived at 8:00 am, he took me to his office and signed a cheque for $2.500.

“It was not a loan, I immediately went to CABS Building Society to complete the transfer. I was proud of myself, at 21, I had my own place [to stay].

“I will be forever grateful to Madhara Robson Rundaba and Job Kadengu. They saw my determination and they helped me to achieve my dream. In 1988 paid off the bond and secured my title deeds! Cherished memories!”