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‘When others were getting married, I announced my candidacy’- Mahere

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere last week told the whole world that she chose not to get married in order to fully participate in Zimbabwean politics.

Mahere (37) travelled to address a packed United Nations (UN) auditorium in Geneva on Tuesday last week, where she highlighted the socio-economic and political crisis Zimbabwe is facing.

On top of claiming that she has been persecuted by the Zanu-PF regime including arrests and conviction, Mahere, for the first time, revealed that she avoided marriage to concentrate more on politics.

“Only active, ethical political participation can drive lasting social change. So, when most women my age were getting married and starting a family, I announced my candidacy as an independent Member of Parliament for the constituency of Mount Pleasant,” she said.

“I ran for office under the tagline #Bethechange — for it is only when individuals step out and are counted that change takes root.

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“We must intentionally shape the world into a better place and not accept it for what it is.

“I believed that, if our campaign could just inspire hope and a thirst for change, I would change everything, but the person I changed the most was myself.

“I eventually lost the parliamentary seat, but gained a cause undoubtedly bigger than myself – a pursuit for justice and fairness that goes deeper than the law, but is personified in the everyday lived experience of the ordinary Zimbabwean.”

Mahere said her party, CCC, was determined to win the harmonised general elections to be held in August this year.

“I have seen hope in action as I have proudly taken on the role of spokesperson for the Citizens’ Coalition for Change, the country’s main opposition party.

“In spite of the violence, arrests and manipulation of the legal system, we will fight to win the upcoming election in Zimbabwe against numerous odds.

“I stand here today to let the world know that Zimbabwe is currently reeling under a dictatorship much worse than Robert Mugabe’s,” she added.

Mahere noted that half the population of Zimbabwe is reportedly living in “extreme poverty, US$2.2 billion (about R44 billion) is lost to corruption annually, and we have the highest hyperinflation rate in the world — all because those in power would rather loot and persecute than lead.”