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‘Zanu PF is the worst regime in the history of governments’ – Tendai Biti

Outspoken former Finance Minister Tendai Biti has said the Zanu-PF administration is the “worst regime in the history of governments” citing the socio-economic and political crisis the country is facing.

Biti, the vice president of the main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for failing to address the surge in value of the Zimbabwean dollar which is now allegedly being rejected by businesses.

He recommended the removal of the local currency which he said was forced into the economy as an experiment.

“Zimbabwe has remained trapped by multiple crises. Economic, political and social. The decay of infrastructure and the collapse of public services, the mismanagement of the exchange rate, the closure of political space, point to the fact that this lot is the worst regime in the history of governments,” he said.

“There is rampant rejection of the local currency in the market. Local manufacturers are openly rejecting the RTGS$ proving once more that an economy will never be run by Statutory Instruments. There is an urgent need to address the failed de-dollarisation experiment. What a disaster.”

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This comes at a time when the Zimbabwean dollar is being rejected by business people and government and private sector workers.

Schools are equally pegging fees higher in local currency in order to attract the US$. Last week, it emerged that Falcon College, a prestigious school in Zimbabwe had pegged second term school fees at ZWL11 million.

The move was viewed by many as evidence that the Zimbabwean dollar is in shambles.

Civil servants, especially teachers and nurses, are demanding their salaries to be paid in US$.

Since 2019, the government has remained adamant on keeping the local currency while thwarting any demonstrations by public sector workers against the Zimbabwean dollar.

Several activists are still facing charges of either participating or inciting protests against the fragile currency.