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CCC ‘hijacks’ Zanu PF campaign platforms…. Mutsvangwa cries foul

The ruling Zanu PF party is crying foul that opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters allegedly hijacked their constituency Whatsapp groups and started campaigning for their party leader Nelson Chamisa.

Its thought the ruling party abused its control of the State to clandestinely obtain voters’ mobile numbers and then use these to create Whatsapp groups for the purpose of canvassing for votes.

Ingenious CCC activists however joined the groups and then started campaigning for Chamisa, with one Whatsapp group’s description being changed to Chamisa Chete Chete (Chamisa only)

Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa confirmed the developments while accusing the opposition of cyber-bullying them.

“We are being trolled. They are infiltrating our software. The WhatsApp groups were created by some Zanu PF members who wanted to interact with the people on behalf of the President. We have the support of people. Cyber war games against Zanu PF won’t work,” Mutsvangwa said.

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“It will not affect the outcome of the poll. There are hardly a million on social media. Majority of Zimbabweans don’t have smart phones, especially in rural areas so social media won’t be effective to remove Zanu PF. Social media is not our main baattlefront. It is just a sideshow.”

Early this month the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority were accused of leaking details of registered voters to Zanu PF.

Electoral watchdogs are questioning how ZANU PF obtained these numbers and are concerned about unsolicited campaign messages being sent to voters, which even specify their constituency.