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‘It’s time for servant leadership’ – says Chamisa as CCC candidate selection begins

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has begun the process of selecting party candidates for the upcoming harmonised general elections to be held later this year.

Party leader Nelson Chamisa is also among officials across the country whose suitability for party candidacy will be subjected to an unprecedented community selection process starting today, Wednesday 5 April.

Writing on his Twitter handle on Wednesday, Chamisa urged party supporters to select competent people.

“SERVICE and SACRIFICE…The mandate to serve citizens is characterized by servant leadership. Citizens need to for once feel the love, warmth and care of a truly caring leadership whose power comes from the citizens.

“We need selfless leaders who are drawn to serve and not to be served or serve themselves. This Time it’s time for servant leaders,” he said.

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The process is overseen by an Independent Candidate Selection Panel (ICSP) headed by prominent NGO boss and Heal Zimbabwe executive director, Rashid Mahiya.

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono warned the opposition against imposing candidates.

“Today Zimbabwe’s main opposition CCC is choosing its election representatives. Any wrong footing through imposition of candidates will turn the whole project into a political tailspin.

“Any party that imposes candidates and loses the election will also meet its maker in August,” he said.

“This is more so for CCC which is fighting a military backed dictatorship.

“It can’t afford to lose this election because the voters in 2028 will have no emotional attachment to the 1999 project which finds its political expression through Chamisa’s CCC. They can’t lose.”

Chin’ono added that “today is a make or break day for CCC, one of its most important moments in its history.

“A person born in 2000 will be 28 years old in 2028 with a family. The youngest voter in 2028 would have been born in 2010, the world is moving.

“I wish CCC well in its process today!

“If it passes today’s democratic test, it will have no reason to worry about the citizens. It only needs to deal with rigging.

“But if it imposes candidates like what is happening in Zanu-PF, it will be in trouble because unlike Zanu-PF, it doesn’t have State power! All the best,” Chin’ono wrote.