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Chief Charumbira pushes for dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa

Chief’s Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira who is known for boasting that he supports the ruling Zanu-PF party has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa to sit down and work together to resolve the challenges that are facing the nation.

Speaking at the burial of Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume’s mother in Masvingo over the weekend, Chief Charumbira urged politicians to dump elections and unite the nation.

“Engaging in violence is being stupid, have you ever heard Chamisa fighting anyone or have you ever heard Chamisa and Mnangagwa throwing stones at each other,” he said.

“Why do you fight, when you fight they won’t be fighting?

“When MPS are in Parliament they share the same restaurant freely conversing but this side when you talk to someone from another party you are labeled a sellout. What kind of politics is that when your leaders engage each other in Parliament. Stop hating each other to destroy the country.

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“A beautiful country is where we move together peacefully without hate. Politicians united and I urge my young brother (Chamisa), people have suffered because of divisions. You and Mnangagwa are brothers, what stops you from having tea together.

“Brothers should have tea together. Each of you will bring his own tea bags, his own sugar, cup and electric kettle what we only need is electricity which I believe is not a threat, then we move on,” said Chief Charumbira

He added: “Whether you like it or not whoever assumes leadership needs unity among citizens for the country to move forward. We may fight but in the end nothing comes to fruition. We need to move forward in peace and I need to assist in this process.”

In 2021, Chief Charumbira openly defied the national Constitution which forbids traditional leaders from dabbling in partisan party politics after he publicly declared that chiefs were the owners of Zanu-PF.

Addressing delegates at the party’s annual conference in Bindura, Chief Charumbira, said: “On behalf of all chiefs and headmen, I want to say, we are together with Zanu PF.”

Chapter 15.2 of the Constitution forbids traditional leaders from being members of any political party or in any way participate in partisan politics, act in a partisan manner, further the interests of any political party or cause or violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of any person.

In June 2020, Zanu PF expelled its Chivi South MP, Killer Zivhu, after he called for dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa.

It will be interesting to see if Chief Charumbira will suffer the same fate.