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Fela in Versace: (Loosely based on AKA) MHSRIP – Chapter 1: Bad Omen

Whenever Kenny was sober, he believed it was alcohol he needed, but when he had a few drinks in him, he knew it was something else, possibly a woman or good music. When he had it all, he couldn’t be distracted from the great emptiness that loomed around him. He usually masked his emptiness with an exaggerated arrogance and over size ego which tainted his reputation.

Pacing back and forth, “Yes tomorrow nine-thirty, I am landing at nine-thirty I said it already!”

He showed a little irritation as he sharply put his cellphone down. He hated early morning flights. He had been scheduled to do a Club show in Florida to introduce his new album and to celebrate his past birthday at the same time. Just before he could breath twice, his cellphone rang again. This time it was Nandia, his girlfriend. She had promised to come spend time with him as she couldn’t travel with him due to conflicting schedules.

Nandia had a habit of calling his cellphone instead of knocking everytime she was by his doorstep.

Winking and grinning, she stood at the door as she watched him walk towards her. Just as his eyes caught hers, they were interrupted by a tormented breeze that suddenly swept through the door and blew the vase of red roses off the table.

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In awe, they stared down at the broken hearted crystal pieces and the bleeding cursed petals that were scattered everywhere. In oblivion, they didn’t realize that It was a bad omen, so textured, only the blind could see, and so hefty, only the dead could carry.

Kenny’s attention was quickly fixated on Nandia, ignoring the broken vase. He had been with many women but nothing quite like Nandia. A remarkable creature, strong, self sufficient, passionate in her likes and dislikes, loves and hates.

Nandia was not beautiful in the classical way, no olive skin, no piercing brown eyes, she was average in height and certainly larger than a size thirty-two but in her ordinariness she was extremely stunning.

Something radiated from within that rendered her irresistible to both genders. Men desired her and women courted her for friendship. Not the kind of girl that stops the party when she walks in but the one you would like to get to know.

An enchantment!

Nandia was a fluid person, interested in everybody and everything, in contrast to Kenny’s apparent indifference to anything except when he is going to get his next drink or do a his next show. There was a warm understanding relationship between them, crazy about each other, a shared dry humor, love for music and both were successful hip-hop artists.

Career wise, Nandia was equally competitive and relevant, just like Kenny, she had won several accolades and both were internationally nominated for different honors in their singing careers.

Wearing an orange autumn dress, the strapless kind that could reverse a vasectomy. She drew Kenny towards by her enigmatic hypnotic smokey gaze, he inclined his face towards hers and closed the gap between them.

Her sensuality intertwined with his desire, and her arousal tangling with his need, they melted in each other’s arms. With slow deliberation, he held her like the most precious thing in his world. Drawn in by the force and pressure of the tempest seduction, Kenny lingered for a moment on her lips before finally lifting his head to meet her eyes.

His smile was slow and easy, revealing a rarely seen dimple in his cheek. The kiss seemed to have filled up the emptiness and cured all of the anxieties that plagued and infested his mind. Tamed by love, she made him feel complete.

Kenny shifted a bit and before he could move any further away, Nandia pulled him closer, in the shadow of his face, inhaling his exhale, her lips touched his.

In all truth, Kenny had merely wanted to look at her face again, but he did not get the chance to catch a glimpse, so instantaneous and urgent was Nandia’s tongue.

He gave a moanful protest but yet yielding to her possession and the gratifying pleasure she was invoking.

A succubus sexual fury he had never seen in her seemed to have possessed her. Solitarily confined and trapped in the sardonic gleam of her sensuality, he felt desired and loved, he could neither move nor protest further. A rush of euphoric bliss enveloped them, lost in a void of pleasure, whimpering, needing more of each other.

A strange symphonic choir of rhythmic erotic mourns, like music yet to be written they collectively groaned to the harmony of pleasure. Drunk in testosterone, in total sexual rage, huffing, panting and puffing, he made love to her till the clocks were striking thirteen!

He wanted to sleep in her uterus.

Woken up by the stubborn buzzing sound of the alarm, Kenny curled up and furtively moved his hand upwards and downwards in between the sheets to silence the alarm.

He watched her as she peacefully breathed in her sleep, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to call her his own. He kissed her warm cheek and quickly dashed to take a shower for he had a flight to catch.

By the time he was done showering, he found Nandia in the kitchen preparing his favorite breakfast. He came towards her and curled his arms around her in deepest affection. By the time he was done eating, he had kissed her countless times and by the time he was ready to leave, he made love to her one more time on the kitchen counter.

A nosy huge fly came out of nowhere and caught up with Kenny when he was about to leave. It landed on his hand and he loathsomely slapped it and it fell dead on the kitchen counter.

Subsequently his driver knocked to pick up his bags for the airport.

“I wish I was coming with”, Nandia sadly murmured looking straight into his eyes.

“It’s not too late, you can catch the flight with me and fly back tomorrow early morning, you will still make it for your ten o’clock appointment tomorrow ”.

Nandia was convinced but seconds later she changed her mind and decided not to join him. Her excuse was, she had not prepared any outfits for the club show and she didn’t want to wake up too early to catch an early flight back to Johannesburg. She would have been tired from the clubbing.

She kissed and hugged him goodbye, he held her tightly as if he didn’t want to let go. He gave her three backward glances as he walked out.

Cleaning the dead fly off the kitchen counter, Nandia stopped momentarily staring into oblivion and ran towards the door. Something in her, wanted to hug him again. She stopped the car and signaled him to get out.

Without speaking a word, her heart thumping fast and in union of their souls, she embraced him as she whispered, “I love you”.

“I love you more Nandia, I have to go my love, if I don’t leave now, I will miss my flight. I will call you as soon as I land”.

Almost tearly, she submissively nodded. She had surprised herself, she was never an emotional person. She had never cried for him and not for any man. There were many times they had parted ways and gone to different cities and she had been ok with a simple goodbye.

Just as he was about to board back into the car, she pulled him back and hugged him tightly again and whispered, “Goodbye”.

Clearing his throat, in between confusion and amusement as to why Nandia was acting unusual, he whispered, “You are my forever, from now on, we don’t say goodbye, we say forever, there is no goodbye in forever my love.”

She stood still till the car drove off her sight.

As she went back inside the house, she caught her reflection in the dining room mirror and looked deep into her eyes .

An avelanche of emotions over powered her and she couldn’t understand herself. As she walked away from the mirror, she weakly smiled and whispered to herself, “I must be really in love with him”.

To pacify her emotions, she went on her music app and played one of her favorite songs from his third album.

Fela in Versace.

“You know what they call me?
Fela in Versace, Fela in Versace
Fela in Versace, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
Big Shot, Super Star, Punisher, Finisher
Call again, bodyguard….”

Rhyming to the lyrics, she went back to the kitchen counter, a stench of death and rotting odor of yesterday’s unrecollected sins emmited from the dead fly and filled the whole house as she cleaned up.

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