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Survey suggests Chamisa will win 53% vote to Mnangagwa’s 40%

An independent survey conducted for The Brenthurst Foundation, by the London-based SABI Strategy Group, has established that opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa would defeat the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa if elections were going to be held “tomorrow”.

The survey, conducted in January states that Chamisa would win 53% of the vote to Mnangagwa’s 40% among those who say they will definitely vote.

Key findings of the survey suggests that If an election were to be held tomorrow, Chamisa would win 53% of the vote. If an election were to be held tomorrow, the CCC would win 52% of the parliamentary vote.

It further cites that Chamisa has a positive favourability rating of 16 points higher than Emmerson Mnangagwa.”

On governance, 47% of respondents believe the CCC can govern more effectively while 33% believe Zanu-PF can govern more effectively.

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54% of respondents believe Zimbabwe is moving in the wrong direction. The most important issues are corruption and jobs.

“A majority of respondents believe the Zanu-PF government of the past four decades is the main reason for the country’s current problems. A majority of respondents (51%) would be happy to see a coalition govern Zimbabwe.

“At least 58% of respondents surveyed believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an act of aggression that should be condemned.

“At least 46% of respondents would “go immediately” if they had the opportunity to leave Zimbabwe

“At least 78% of respondents have a close family member living outside Zimbabwe. Of these respondents, 51% say their close family member is living in South Africa.

“At least 47% of respondents believe the upcoming election will not be free and fair, mainly due to cheating in the counting process,” read the survey.

The Brenthurst Foundation is a Johannesburg-based think-tank established by the Oppenheimer family in 2004 to support the Brenthurst Initiative in seeking ways to fund African development and to organize conferences on African competitiveness.