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Bournemouth defender Jordan Zemura urges fans to stop booing players

Zimbabwe Warriors defender Jordan Zemura has expressed his disappointment at supporters of his English Premier League (EPL) side AFC Bournemouth for booing their players.

This comes after the club’s faithfuls booed individual players, particularly the captain following last Saturday’s 2-4 defeat to Burnley at their backyard.

The defeat saw the Cherries bow out of the FA Cup competition, leaving fans disappointed after their team lost the cup tie to a championship side.

It is the fan’s booing that did not sit well with the roving Zimbabwean international left back who then took to his Twitter handle to express his disappointments.

“All in this together from the team to the staff to you the fans. But however disappointed you are with the performance, booing individual players is not on, especially the captain of the team, for that I can not stand with!”

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Nonetheless, the 23-year-old also said he is not delighted with how the team performed last weekend, promising the fans they will work hard to improve and grind positive results in next matches.

“Times like these are never easy, when everything feels sticky and things are not falling how you want but thats football, more or less its life,” he added.

“All you want can do is stand up chest out and go and again and keep fighting. More than enough within this team and we will continue to fight and be counted for.

“As a collective, thats fair because it has not been good enough, and we know that! We will continue to work and push each other to be better.

“However, we are in this together and thats all! Plenty of games to put things right and enjoy the highs! Together stronger! Up the Chez!” Zemura said.