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Festive season death toll reaches 92, 10 die on Christmas Day

At least 92 people died in road traffic accidents from the 15th to the 26th of December 2022 up from 72 in the same period under review in 2021, police have said.

The period covers the Unity Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day holidays.

On Unity Day, 22nd December 2022, a total of 107 road traffic accidents were recorded countrywide, and three of the accidents were fatal.

In 2021, 144 road traffic accidents were recorded, with seven being fatal, killing 10 people while 26 others were injured.

On Christmas day, 25th December 2022, a total of 119 road traffic accidents were recorded countrywide, with 10 being fatal, killing 13 people and injuring 89, compared to 187 road traffic accidents recorded during the same period in 2021, with 10 fatal which killed 13 people and injured 35 others.

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On Boxing Day, 26th December 2022, 88 road traffic accidents were recorded countrywide, 15 being fatal and 16 people were killed while 19 others were injured, compared to year 2021 where 103 road traffic accidents were recorded, with five being fatal, seven people killed while 29 others injured.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said most of the road traffic accidents occurred on highways as a result of speeding, overtaking errors, inattention, misjudgement, following too close and recklessness on the part of drivers, who in most of the accidents recorded were trying to overtake in situations which were not safe to do so.

“No major road accident involving public service vehicles has been recorded so far. However, the Police is concerned with the number of private vehicles involved in accidents during this holiday,” Nyathi said.

“Some of them will be overloaded while others are being used for purposes which are clearly not suitable for such use. The Zimbabwe Republic Police has so far impounded 2 159 vehicles for various defects.”

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges drivers to be cautious and promote road safety on the roads as the holiday continues. There is no need for one to be over-excited or reckless on the roads. The Police will continue with the current deployment level on the roads and communities till the 15th of January 2023.” Zim Morning Post