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‘We owe each Zimbo a corrupt-free policy and delivery culture’ – Obert Mpofu

Zanu-PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu has seemingly admitted that the ruling party regime is marred by corruption after he claimed that it is the responsibility of his party to make sure graft is eradicated in Zimbabwe.

Mpofu who was returned by Zanu-PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa as a party Politburo member wrote a bootlicking statement in the State controlled media thanking his boss for re-appointing him.

Mnangagwa reappointed national political commissar Mike Bimha; secretary for finance Patrick Chinamasa and secretary for security Lovemore Matuke.

He also announced two other leaders of the main wing, heads of the women’s league, Mabel Chinomona and war veterans league, Douglas Mahiya.

Mpofu started by congratulating Mnangagwa for being elected unanimously as the Zanu-PF presidential candidate for the upcoming plebiscite.

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“Congratulations to my boss, the freshly re-appointed first secretary and president of the ruling Zanu PF, his Excellency President Mnangagwa. The people saw him as worthy and his credentials resold him to lead our revolutionary party,” he said.

“In the short stint in his tenure. Zimbabwe has witnessed monumental economic revival, infrastructural development, industrial retooling, and extractive sector value addition. I am particularly grateful that his Excellency appointed me to be Zanu-PF’s secretary for administration once more.

“This is an opportunity for my office to continue enhancing the professionalism of the party. This is yet another chance to ensure that Zanu-PF will strengthen its mass line approach.”

The former Home Affairs Minister said he was confident that Mnangagwa is going to win with more than 65% of the votes in 2023.

He, however, said it was the responsibility of Zanu-PF to create a corrupt free environment in the country.

“With all systems set for the 2023 election as I write this piece, I can assure you that definitely we will not get less than 65% of the vote in the coming plebiscite. We also owe each Zimbabwean a corrupt-free policy and delivery culture.

“President Mnangagwa has given us a clear template of how a party should be modernised for the betterment of national interest and vision. The secretariat at the citadel of power (Zanu PF headquarters) has no option but to work extremely hard to ensure that the party is set for success and longevity.”

Mpofu has faced allegations of gross corruption when he was Mines Minister with many saying he used his stint at the Ministry to amass his personal fortune.

You can read his story in this feature article: From Rags to Riches, the Obert Mpofu Story

Meanwhile Mnangagwa is expected to announce a full politburo soon from the newly-elected central committee members.