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‘Bootlicker’ Mutsvangwa says ‘ED is a grinder – starts work early, ends late’

Despite seemingly failing to resolve the challenges facing the economy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa continues to receive hero-worship from his allies with the latest being Zanu-PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Speaking on the sidelines of the party’s politburo meeting on Wednesday, Mutsvangwa noted that the President managed to attend the meeting despite his tight schedule after burying his grandson Yasha Mafidi Mnangagwa (Sean Mnangagwa’s son) who died on Sunday after suffering from respiratory complications.

Explaining that Mnangagwa was a hard worker, Mutsvangwa said the party leader was a “grinder”.

“He lost his grandson and the Vice President collectively delivered the condolence message of the politburo to the President over the loss of his grandson. He was buried yesterday in his home village in Masvingo.

“It disturbed the cabinet yesterday but today the politburo was so important and the President was back at work. You know he is a hard worker, he is a grinder. He works hard. He starts early and ends late,” he said.

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Political analyst Pride Mkono, however, dismissed Mutsvangwa’s sentiments as bootlicking for political positioning.

He cited that the Zimbabwean economy was falling hence there was no evidence of Mnangagwa being a hard worker.

“Dictators always attempt to portray themselves as larger than life. Painting themselves as God ordained or as hard workers which is often a smokescreen for failure, corruption and incompetence,” Mkono said.

“The Zimbabwean economy is in free fall and ordinary people languish in poverty for a well fed elite like Mutsvangwa to then claim that President Mnangagwa is working hard is pure lies.

“It would be laughable if it was not tragic but again Mutsvangwa is using his tongue to bootlick the president for political positioning in the factious ruling party,” Mkono said.