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Mnangagwa alerted about Zimstat DG Mahonde alleged corrupt activities

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been alerted about corruption and corporate malpractices taking place at the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat), allegedly orchestrated by the institution’s Director General Taguma Mahonde and Finance Director Romania Nyahwa, Nehanda Radio can reveal.

DG Mahonde, working in cahoots with Nyahwa recommended the suspension of Cost Management Accountant Blessing Huragu accusing him of exposing their alleged corrupt activities.

In a dossier gleaned by this publication two weeks ago, submitted to the Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube and his permanent secretary George Guvamatanga, the Zimstat bosses are accused of fleecing the agency of much needed resources.

Nyahwa as the treasury boss is accused of allocating Zimstat funds and donations to Mahonde, buying him top of the range latest cars (vehicle registrations provided).

It is further alleged that The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe donated some money to purchase 8 vehicles and 150 bikes for the agency operations.

But the Finance Director allegedly “misappropriated” the funds on non-capital expenditure purchase of DG’s SUV Land Rover 4.0 (Reg. AFH 2919) without treasury concurrence.

The DG is also accused of abusing the name and reputation of the Office of the President and the Party (Zanu-PF) for his personal benefit, boasting that he is highly connected and untouchable.

After these and other revelations, Huragu was suspended by the management after Nyahwa and Mahonde accused him of exposing the mess that they were causing.

In a letter dated September 12, directed to President Mnangagwa, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda, Zimstat board chair and the Minister of Finance, Huragu complains about his suspension without pay.

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He is, however, clear that he is ready to be a state witness if the management is to be investigated over the allegations raised in the dossier.

“Honorable Offices , l brought this to your urgent attention for your offices to act accordingly,” read the letter copied to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and Permanent Secretary- Ministry of Finance.

“The Zimstat employees are being abused by the above Executives and their associates for exposing corruption, abuse of office and funds.

“It is not fair to delay to investigate and arrest the above Directors and their associates, when there is clear evidence for abuse of office and public funds as stated in the letter written to the Anti-corruption commission.

“The delaying of this case will compromise justice and allow culprits to tamper with evidence,abuse and victimisation of the suspects and for whistle-blowers to lose confidence in responsible authorities.”

Huragu is seeking the cancellation of all” illegal demotions” citing “it is a breach of census and statistics Act , Section 26(8) a and b, and Sec 26(12). Demotions were not referenced to the founding Act”.

He stated: “All employees dismissed should be reinstated because the Agency lost all these cases but Management is appealing at the expense of public funds and it’s a wasteful expenditure.

“All employees should not be harassed, victimized and fired on false or managed allegations for exposing corruption and it defeats the purpose of ZACC to save the country from corrupt executives.”

The brave accountant said he was ready to testify against his bosses if the case is to be investigated.

“I want to be a state witness against the above Directors and their associates, l was put on unprocedural suspension without pay after refusing to expose employees behind the anonymous letter to Anti-corruption commission, the three executives and associates are busy tampering with evidence and crafting unfair allegations against employees.

“These actions are tantamount to highest abuse of office and unquestionable victimisation of employees,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, DG Mahonde said: “Everything said by whoever that person is, is correct. Please proceed.”