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Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye: Zanu PF’s sonorous mantra: The myth and the reality

Since 2018, Zanu PF has come up with various messages or mantras; in essence high-sounding nonsense that has no substance beyond the shrill noise. ED has carved out a niche for himself by his rhetoric that has no relationship whatsoever with the obtaining reality on the ground.

The ED regime’s rhetoric disturbing our ears via the public media includes the now banal phrases like Zimbabwe is Open for Business , Leaving No – one and No Place behind , Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo and Achieving an upper middle – income economy by 2030 , among others.

It is instructive that the regime itself has branded such messages mantras. The advanced English dictionary defines mantra as a commonly repeated word, phrase or catchword. A mantra is defined as an orally transmitted hymn.

The Oxford languages dictionary defines mantra as a slogan repeated frequently.It can be concluded therefore that by touting their messages as mantras, the regime itself is acknowledging that these are just oft-repeated slogans that may have no meaning and substance beyond the rhetoric.

For the messages have no substantive underlying policy thrust on which they are embedded. It is all superfluous rhetoric masquerading as substance.

This week, I juxtapose the Zanu PF messages and the lived truth that is at complete variance with their postulations.

Today I publish the myth and the lived reality around those messages and phrases that have damaged our ear-drums:

Myth Number One : Zimbabwe is Open for Business

With a stratospheric unemployment rate of over 90 percent, industry remains closed while the only business taking place in the country is that of the politically connected who are looting the country’s vast mineral wealth particularly in the extractive sectors such as mining. Looting and corruption by the politically connected is the only business taking place in the country.

With the murders by Zanu PF apparatchiks, Zimbabwe certainly cannot be open for business when it is not open for human life!

Myth Number Two : Leaving No – one and No Place behind

The regime is ranting that it has spread development across tee vast labyrinth of this our beloved country. In fact, the reality is that the looting by the political elite is taking place in all areas of Zimbabwe from Kazungula to Malipati. The reality is that the looting is leaving no one and no place behind.

With the Zanu PF-sanctioned murders of Nyasha Zhambe of Gutu in Masvingo province, Mboneni Ncube of Kwekwe in the Midlands and Moreblessings of Nyatsime and Chitungwiza, it appears the systematic violence seeks to leave no one and no place behind.

If one adds the thousands of Zimbabweans from Chirundu to Chiredzi who are dying because of the regime’s failure to equip our hospitals and public health institutions—and the poorly paid civil servants across the country, the reality will dawn on you that in fact, it is the regime’s incompetence that is seeking to leave no one and no place behind.

Myth Number Three : Nyika inovakwa nevene Vayo

Mr Mnangagwa himself, his acolytes such as Delish Nguwaya, Kuda Tagwireyi and Henrietta Rishwaya and others connected to the First family are looting the country dry. Those connected to ED and who have looted millions have had their cases die a natural death. They are destroying the country and not building the country at all.

The regime has not only looted the country’s vast mineral wealth but have collapsed public health and public education. The civil servants are despondent and the true message we have seen around us is that Nyika inoputswa nevene vayo . In our case, our country has been destroyed by its own leaders.

Myth Number 4 : We are the Second Republic

They fancy themselves as a new dispensation and as a Second Republic. The truth is that this is just but a more wicked version of Robert Mugabe’s First Republic. For Mnangagwa is just but a Robert Mugabe on steroids. It’s just the same bus now being driven by the rank tout.

This is not in any way the Second republic. Ringori bhazi rimwechete kungoti iye zvino raakuchairwa nahwindi .


Mnangagwa may lie that he is as sift as wool but he will not manage to put any wool over our eyes. The regime’s messages are just but hollow rhetoric because our lived circumstances are the direct opposite of their empty postulations.

Lastly, the other gargantuan myth is that Zimbabwe will become an upper-middle income economy by 2030. Given that with seven years to go, the majority of Zimbabwean families are living on far much less that US$1 per day, the prospect of achieving an upper middle-income in the next few years remains highly ambitious.

A kleptocracy is a government of thieves and given the massive looting and stealing of the country’s vast wealth by the Zanu PF national leadership, the true message should be that we are set as a nation to become an upper-middle kleptocracy by the year 2030!

Brick upon brick, stone upon stone, yet another of the regime’s messages, must certainly refer to the stones and bricks that his violent Zanu PF youths often throw at CCC supporters to disperse the usual mammoth crowds at our gatherings.

Luke Tamborinyoka, an award – winning journalist and ardent political scientist, is a citizen from Domboshava. He is a change champion and interim deputy secretary for Presidential Affairs in the Citizens Coalition for Change ( CCC ). You can interact with him on his Facebook page or via his twitter handle @ luke_tambo.