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DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small avoid arrest in Bulawayo, pay US$18,500 debt

South African DJs Maphorisa and Kabza De Small have finally paid back the US$18,500 (R315,000) they owed promoters of the Victoria Falls Carnival after Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Dube Banda had ordered their arrest in Zimbabwe’s second largest city.

Justice Dube Banda had directed the arrest of the two DJs who performed in Bulawayo on Sunday night for failing to appear at the Victoria Falls Carnival in April before they allegedly refused to refund.

As the situation got tense in Bulawayo, the two, through their lawyers, ended up depositing US$18,500 (R315,000) as security with the Sheriff of the High Court, clearing themselves before they head back to South Africa.

The two South African DJs and ShaSha failed to turn up for this year’s Vic Falls Carnival on the 30th of April after being paid.

The organisers of the carnival wrote letters demanding the artists to pay back half a million rand in booking fees after the trio’s no show.

ShaSha issued an apology several months ago

The High Court had ordered the Amapiano giants to be held in prison until they were served with summons for a claim in the sum of US$18 395.82.

Victoria Falls Carnival was the applicant,

“WHEREAS, an order was made by the Honourable Mr Justice Dube Banda ordering arrest of the 1st and 2nd Respondents and committing them to prison to confirm jurisdiction of the Respondents,” read part of the order.

“NOW THEREFORE you are required and directed that you take PETRUS KABELO MOTHA and THEMBA SONNYBOY SEKOWE of which they are found in Zimbabwe and deliver them to the Keeper of the Gaol at Bulawayo Prison, together with a copy of this Writ, there to be safely kept until they are served with the summons against them issued by the High Court in Bulawayo for a claim in the sum of US$18 395.82 or have provided security in the sum of US$18 395.82 to the Sheriff of the High Court in Bulawayo, whichever occurs first.”