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‘Down but not out’….. formerly bankrupt Tendai Ndoro ‘back in picture’

After a serious financial challenge and a dire health condition, it is believed ex-Warriors star Tendai ‘Fire’ Ndoro is now ‘back in the picture’ and is a ‘living quality life’ once again.

However, it is unconfirmed.

But Ndoro’s latest picture ‘posted’ on a Facebook page named Tendai Mukundwa could act as ‘proof’ the former athlete is now getting back to his feet.

‘Bankruptcy’ had separated Ndoro from his wealth but after the recently shared picture he could be recovering well both financially and health wise.

But it can also be disputed because social media is considered by others as a way of living fake lives.

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Former Warriors striker Tendai Ndoro is currently in Zimbabwe and training with Northern Region Division One side Simba Bhora.
In October 2021 former Warriors striker Tendai Ndoro was in Zimbabwe and training with Northern Region Division One side Simba Bhora.

Ndoro had hit the rock bottom in the past ten months after it emerged he lost all his wealth to his ex-wife after their divorce.

It was reported, Fire who used to own a multimillion rand fleet of cars had gone ‘bankrupt’.

This was after he lost his luxurious home and all his expensive cars including a Range Rover to his ex-wife.

Tendai Ndoro's expensive lifestyle after he was accused of conning a former employee R90K
Tendai Ndoro’s prior expensive lifestyle

Worrying photos of the ex-Orlando Pirates striker training with the Northern Region Division One side Simba Bhora went viral on various social media platforms in October last year (2021).

At one stage, the attacker reportedly became blind but quickly regained his eye-sight which went blurry for a period of three weeks.

His situation made newspaper headlines and drew a lot of attention from his former teammates as well as his ex-managers.

Following the situation, former chairperson of the now defunct Mpumalanga Black Aces George Morfou pledged to help him.

“Yes I did see the images, and it looks very concerning to be honest,” Morfou told Kickoff in October 2021.

“He really looks like he’s struggling and I feel for the boy. I’m hoping that he gets through whatever he’s suffering. I really don’t know why, if he’s playing football.

“I’m definitely going to reach out to him, I’ve got his details. I tried to call him I couldn’t get through to him, but I will try to call him again to see if everything is okay or if he needs assistance.”

Ndoro once plied his trade with Morfou’s Mpumalanga Black Aces before he moved to greener pastures.