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The Wrath of Death: Part 5 (Loosely based on Ginimbi), Cauldron of Hell

Gehenna, the preeminent of evil, alienation and despair. The nadir of the cosmos, the land where God is not, a place of deepest night and utter disorder.

A place of no concept of time, Hell is always in a permanent state of present. A present terror, pain, horror, agony, anguish and torment.

No chronological time, it operates on Kairos time, moments are not measured by minutes or hours but by what is happening.

Future and past does not exist in Hell, the ‘Past’ is merely a record of previous ‘Nows’ and the Future is just a prediction of ‘Nows’ to come. Neither past nor future can be reached, both are absent. It is a series of unending nows.

The Wrath of Death Part 3: Extract from the Novel (Empty Tomb by Rudo Muzondo) based on Ginimbi (Genius Kadungure)
The Wrath of Death Part 3: Extract from the Novel (Empty Tomb by Rudo Muzondo) based on Ginimbi (Genius Kadungure)

Eternity of wailing, weeping, gnashing of teeth, unquenchable burning, everlasting punishment and a cursed wave of an oppressive blackest darkness.

Gini was tormented every ‘now’ without rest. Every ‘now’ that he experienced in Hell, equated to what seemed like a million years of earth’s chronos time.

Hell delivered physical pain, emotional pain and mental pain all at once to him. Haunted by the words he should have said or swallowed, actions he should and shouldn’t have taken, gestures he should and shouldn’t have made and tormented by the fleeting moments of chronos time that he did not know how to grasp, Gini was submerged in a cursed wave of regret, agony, despair and hopelessness.

Nothing delivers torment quite like hell, it never abandons its mandate. It never loses power over its victims, faithful to none, only to its course, clothed in rage it tortured and consumed him. He wished for death, but death eluded him.

No one dies in hell no matter how much torment or torture one is subjected to. One can be cut into pieces and the body will attach back to itself again.

‘Imagine, your hands tied deep in three-hundred degrees boiling oil ~ Pain.
Imagine, accidentally falling from a twenty-storey building, that feeling when just realize you are falling before you hit the ground ~ Terror.
Imagine you wake up midnight and your bed is surrounded by demonic humanoid figures ~ Horror.
Imagine the above horror repeats every night – Torment
Imagine watching the person you love the most burning in a house and they are screaming for help, but you are tied, and you can’t save them ~Agony.
Imagine you dream of them every night and you helplessly see them burning and screaming ~ Anguish.

Now that you have imagined all these scenarios, now imagine feeling the emotions simultaneously every second.

That’s like one percent of how hell feels like. Can you fathom the ninety-nine? Unfathomable!’

“Burn Baby Burn!”, Gehenna sang, and Gini danced to the strange harmony of the symphonic rhythm of torment.

After a series of unquantifiable ‘eternal nows’, Hell took a breath, and in the pause before it exhaled, Gini’s fate was changed, the devil sent a word.

He had taken interest in Gini because of his suaveness in business when he was still on earth. The devil decided to manipulate his earthly gifts for his benefit.

In chains, Gini was dragged out of the carvens. Other prisoners pleaded, begged and cried reaching their hands out as to grab Gini. Their hands were chopped off and put back on repeatedly and their throats were cut to prevent them from screaming. A stench of torment and condemnation pervaded the place.

He was escorted to the ghostly temple to meet Zaiko, the Temple Master who ordered the demons to take him to the river for a blood bath.

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Whipped and sodomized on the way, Gini was dragged to the blood river by two gargoyle grotesque demons. The river was dead, clotted bankrupt banks, stagnant and as equally malodorous as Zaiko’s vagina.

The demons pushed him in the river and ordered him to submerge and take a blood bath. As soon as he emerged, the two demons started licking him all over. As he got licked, Gini felt as if something was slowly taking over him, he staggered around in circles.

Disoriented, he was dragged back to the temple, handed a bowl of water to drink, he only gained knowledge that it was human blood after he was done drinking. Suddenly, a force entered him. He was no longer afraid of the demons or anything, he became one with them.

Demons were no longer his threats but acquaintances. Enveloped by a certain overpowering force that took over his whole being, he wanted more blood. Possessed by a powerful spirit that wanted nothing but to kill, steal and destroy humanity, he couldn’t stand still, a cauldron of rage was boiling inside of him.

“Henceforth you will work for me!” Zaiko, the temple master uttered and raised a toast of human blood, in celebration.

High on human blood, oblivious to his actions, Gini licked his lips, grinned and euphorically thumped his chest with both his fists.

“Welcome to the Pandemonium. You are going to be taught our secrets, codes and how we operate on earth in the spirit realm. You are going to be given assignments, failing is punishable severely. A legion of demons will be assigned to work with you all the time. You will work both as a spirit and as a human being. You will be able to shape shift, you will be able to change into anything or any sex to suit the assignment. You will not be able to recognize anyone on earth neither shall you have any knowledge of who you were during operation. You will only recall who you truly are whenever you come back to the pandemonium world.”

Whilst the temple Master was busy addressing Gini, it was constantly transforming itself to gruesome grotesque appearances in order to test Gini.

Gini didn’t move, not because he was terror stricken but a wicked stamina had enveloped him. He was one with the demon.

Initiated and soul poisoned, Gini wanted more blood, a powerful spirit in him wanted nothing but to kill, steal and destroy.

He was ready to possess.

He became both the possessor and the possessed and both the tormentor and the tormented.

Gini, the covenanted demon, converted in the Cauldron of Hell!

Extracted from the Novel ‘Empty Tomb’ written by Rudo Muzondo.

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Death is not necessarily the end of everything but the beginning of everything!

Three common questions.
What really happens when one dies?
Is Hell real?
Is Heaven real?

Not only will this book answer all your questions but will give you a satisfying denouement to an epic narrative!

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