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“You are fighting to be Negros” – Malema slams South Africans chasing Zimbos away

South Africa’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has slammed his fellow citizens for “fighting to be Negros” by trying to chase away Zimbabweans from their country.

Addressing party delegates at an EFF provincial people’s assembly in Klerksdorp, South Africa on Sunday, Malema warned his compatriots against fighting for jobs by chasing fellow Africans from their country.

He urged them to fight more for the land that is largely occupied by whites in South Africa than the jobs Zimbabweans have.

This comes at a time when several South Africans are accusing foreigners, especially Zimbabweans, of stealing their jobs.

“Today you are fighting with Zimbabweans. You are all fighting to be Negros. You are fighting to work for a white man. You are not fighting for the land,” said the opposition leader.

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“All of you, you joined forces together against Zimbabweans. What’s wrong; ‘no they are taking our jobs’. Why, because you want to be workers.

“You don’t want to be the owners of strategic sectors of the economy. All you are fighting for is jobs.

“Who is going to give you these jobs? It’s a white man. You are now fighting to work for a white man and you are proud to work for a white man.”

Malema further stated: “Why should you fight people for jobs? You should fight people for our land…because with our land, we will not be workers. We will be the owners of the land and we will produce for ourselves and for all.

“We are not fighting for the mines. We have never said Zimbabweans are all over here, they are owning the banks. We South Africans are not owning the banks. No one is saying that.

“Oh, Dudula, Dudula what’s wrong, ‘they are taking our jobs’. And you think you have made a very powerful political statement by saying they are taking jobs. Who owns the jobs? It’s a white man.”

Relations between Zimbabwe and South Africa are increasingly deteriorating with some of Cyril Ramaphosa’s government officials having recently made it clear that the Zanu-PF administration is failing its people.