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Former Miss Zimbabwe Phoebe Monjane now homeless in South Africa

Former Miss Zimbabwe 2003, Phoebe Monjane who also participated in different pageants is now homeless in Johannesburg, South Africa and allegedly doing drugs with “Nyaope boys”.

Her downfall started when she moved to South Africa in 2006. She then fell in love with her lover who was into drugs according to reports.

The state owned H-Metro tabloid claims Monjane is staying on the streets of Joburg with Nyaope boys who take illicit drugs.

Former Miss Zimbabwe 2003, Phoebe Monjane
Former Miss Zimbabwe 2003, Phoebe Monjane

Her friend Chipo Chopera is worried about her impoverished friend as she can be raped or killed on the streets of Johannesburg.

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“With the state she is in, she can even be raped as well. She is moving around with the Nyaope boys who are into drugs”.

Chipo said that her friend started to take drugs between 2010 and 2014.

“I’m calling all friends in the modelling industry to assist a sister, who has lost touch and is now staying in the streets and taking drugs,” said Chipo.

“She went to South Africa around 2006 where she stayed with a white guy before she left him.

“Between 2010 and 2014, she then started zvema drugs.

“Her skin has changed; she seems to have bleached. I am really worried,” Chipo added.