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Mutami files police report in Australia accusing Mnangagwa of rape

Australia based philanthropist Susan Mutami has filed a police report in Queensland, Australia, accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa of raping her when she was 15.

It’s reported that the 33 year old woman reported the case claiming that Mnangagwa then cabinet Minister took her into his home in Kwekwe when her father died in 2005 and raped her.

In a case reported on Monday morning under case number 4026120, Mutami accused Mnangagwa of raping her several times over many years.

On Friday last week, she addressed a Twitter space with more than 12 000 people revealing her affairs with several government officials including the late Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo.

On allegations of being raped by the Zanu-PF leader, she claimed that he forced her to suck his manhood while they were inside green jeep vehicle that looked like a military issue.

She alleged that Mnangagwa and Moyo, plotted against each other several times over her.

Moyo is the one who announced the military coup that ousted late former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017 on the state broadcaster ZBC.

Commenting about Mnangagwa’s alleged affairs with several women, exiled former cabinet Minister Jonathan last year said:

“It is a moral disaster that we have a president who has women and children all over the place. There is a point that these relationships have messed up Mnangagwa’s sense of morality. He does not have the common decency that is required for a President. He has the moral behavior of a mafia.”

“No country deserves that. He is a security man who ordinarily, moral issues would be of concern,” Moyo told Josey Mahachi in an interview two years ago.