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Veteran journalist Grace Kwinjeh tests positive for Covid-19

Veteran journalist Grace Kwinjeh has tested positive for Covid-19, according to a medical report in Nehanda Radio’s possession.

Kwinjeh (48), said “ I have been gardening in preparation for the summer season, thinking I am just suffering from Hayfever, because of the pollen here. It has not rained for some time.

“So for days, I have suffered silently, until I decided to see my family doctor. I was not expecting COVID. It’s another bridge to cross.

Veteran journalist Grace Kwinjeh
Veteran journalist Grace Kwinjeh

She added that it was “funny because when Covid was at its worst, I was travelling round the world, Europe and the Caribbean, getting used to testing and coming out negative.

“And so am not sure if the relaxation of Covid rules here has made us less socially responsible. We no longer wear masks or social distance.”

Nehanda Radio wishes her a speedy recovery.