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Ugly history haunts Fungai Chiposi as he announces ‘joining’ CCC

"You will have a new party of all the old enemies...... " Ephraim Ndlovu

After facing a humiliating defeat in the just ended by-elections, Fungai Chiposi has decided to dump Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC-T party to join the triumphant Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa.

Chiposi quit the MDC-T after he failed to grab the Kambuzuma Constituency won by CCC’s Willias Madzimure.

The CCC won 19 parliamentary seats out of 28 in the National Assembly and Zanu-PF bagged 9. The MDC-T was humbled with zero seats in both Parliament and local government.

Chiposi pleaded with CCC to allow him to join the main opposition party as a card carrying member yesterday (Wednesday).

“The CCC movement is too robust to be divided by my vote. All I have expressed is my decision to support and vote for President Chamisa. There must be no fight over me.

“I am not worth it. This is my appeal. Will be offline for a while while travelling. Stay strong. Aluta,” he pleaded.

But Chiposi’s actions a few years ago when the MDC-T had power to recall Chamisa’s MPs from Parliament have come to haunt his intention to join CCC.

This comes after Chiposi, in 2020, dismissed allegations that former MDC Alliance youth leaders Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were abducted. He accused the trio of faking their four days disappearance.

Mamombe and her colleagues were allegedly abducted from police custody after they had been arrested for breaking Covid-19 regulations. They were found after four days in Bindura, some 90 kilometers from Harare, the capital city.

They were arrested and charged for allegedly faking their disappearance.

Chimbiri said she had not forgotten Chiposi’s sentiments of accusing the trio of faking their abduction. She said “it’s personal”.

“One who said we faked an abduction, one who rewrote my ordeal together with Joana Mamombe and Netsai Marova. One who added salt to injury. It’s personal for me because I still have wounds on top of that being persecuted. I’m supposed to smile and just welcome because 🤷🏽,” she said.

Ephraim Ndlovu, a political commentator offered his analysis arguing that members of CCC should not admit past enemies into the party.

“Every vote counts, this is true, but not every supporter is a vote. Not every supporter is a vote, and not every supporter is a member. Not every member is a vote. Every organisation has a gate,and even heaven with all the love has a criteria,” he said.

“You can never build a movement by openly accepting known enemies, this is a tried and tested fact of human organisation. Organisational foes and ideological irritants rarely change, they just bend your way to avoid breaking.

“The reason why most of you people celebrated the coup is this on the spot love, this ‘instant coffee’ kind of forgiveness and hope on your former opponents, irritants and even enemies. One day with this mind, you will have a new party of all the old enemies.

“The stockholm politics of agape love that these streets are showing on Fungai Chiposi is a great shock. Like the Bourbons you people seem to ‘have learnt nothing’, but curiously you want to forget everything CCC,” Ndlovu said. Nehanda Radio