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Students chase away Passion Java, Mugabe Jr from Africa University

Students at Africa University (AU) humiliated flamboyant cleric Passion Java and Robert Mugabe Jnr by chasing them away from the campus following an impromptu visit.

Java, the man who is used to being welcomed by jubilant crowds especially the youths, was chased away from AU by security guards after students registered their displeasure at seeing him.

Java was in company of his new friend Robert Mugabe Jnr (the son of the late president Robert Mugabe) who is seen in the video circulating on social media taking selfies during the embarrassing moment.

In the video, students are heard calling “security security security”.

Two security guards can be seen standing by his Mercedes Benz car, demanding that he and Mugabe Jr leave the institution’s premises.

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In the background, students can be heard swearing at him and asking him to leave.

Prominent Journalist Hopewell shared the video on Twitter and said: “The mood has changed in Zimbabwe, youths are focused on change not gimmicks,” he said.

“Mnangagwa’s clown, Passion Java was blue ticked at Africa University and security asked him and Robert a Mugabe Jr to leave.

“Mnangagwa is hoping the fake prophet would bring the youth vote, not at AU!” Chin’ono tweeted. Nehanda Radio