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Mafume recalled for ‘trying to stop Collins, Nguwaya, Moyo looting’ at Harare City Council

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume said he was recalled as Ward 17 councillor for trying to stop looting at the Harare City Council amid recent “corrupt” deals implicating Local Government Minister July Moyo and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family ally Delish Nguwaya.

Moyo, according to a letter dated March 28, said he was advised by People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to recall Mafume on the pretext that he joined the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party in January.

“I wish to inform you that I am in receipt of a letter from the People’s Democratic Party stating that the following Councillor has ceased to be a member of the Party through automatic termination of their membership as they have since joined the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), ” read the letter.

“In terms of Section 278 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, as read with Section (1) (k), ward 17 is now vacant.

“In terms of Section 121 of the Electoral Act, please proceed to inform the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of this vacancy.”

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, Mafume, however, said he was recalled in order to create a launch pad for looting at Harare City Council. 

“They want me out of the way so that they can loot the council dry. They have been looting it in water. They have been looting in waste management. Imagine people signing a lease where a landlord is paying rent to a tenant in US$.

“The residents’ properties are being stolen. I have been refusing to sign stupid contracts. I have been refusing to be used. So, we will not continue to watch while people’s resources are being looted by a runaway government that has decided that local government is going to be its theatre of looting.

“They have been trying to block me from enjoying a day of peace since I came into the office. They are used to telling people what to do, grabbing things, stealing at will. It has to stop and the residents will stop it,” he said.

Independent legislator Temba Mliswa recently reported Moyo to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) over an alleged corrupt US$9 million water pump tender.

The Norton legislator said Moyo billed the Government of Zimbabwe around US$10 million, yet the said pumps cost only US$2 million.

Earlier this month, Nehanda Radio reported that Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC-T Harare councillors gave out Pomona Dump sites for free to Geogenix B.V, a bogus Netherlands company that involves Mnangagwa’s son and family ally Nguwaya without going to tender and residents are expected to pay more than US$14,600,000 per year.

The company is jointly chaperoned by Nguwaya and Collins Mnangagwa and is expected to be paid at least US$22 000 a day and US$14,600,000 a year, according to its contract.

Geogenix B.V which in 2020 in Albania, the City News Albania revealed “tried to hide their names” was, without going to tender, given Pomona Dump sites for free by City of Harare (COH) councillors led by acting Mayor Stewart Mutizwa in June last year.