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Zimbos rally behind Tatelicious after eviction from her home in Sweden

Outspoken Sweden based socialite Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg has received overwhelming support from Zimbabweans around the world after she was evicted from her home in Sweden this week.

Although she says she was gifted her “Saltvik Mansion” by her former husband, the home was repossessed because her former partner failed to keep up with the mortgage payments. 

After revealing she spent Wednesday’s night at a train station friends and foes alike lined up to donate money to help her with Nash TV paints owner Tinashe Mutarisi leading the way with 8,973 Swedish Krona, which is equivalent to US$1000.

“Thank you VaMutarisi (for) 1000 US dollars. You are the best love, Ooooh, he still loves me chero ndisisina imba. Real man,” Tatelicious posted to her Facebook page.

UK based socialite Olinda Chapel has threatened to drag Tatelicious Karigambe to court
UK based socialite Olinda Chapel at one time threatened to drag Tatelicious Karigambe to court
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Fellow socialite Olinda Chapel-Nkomo, a previously sworn enemy who accused Tatelicious of bullying her in the past, donated 3000 Swedish Krona, which is equivalent to US$300.

According to Tatelicious an entrepreneur from Taura Online, known as Clyde Makusha, paid accommodation for her for six months.

“I have Zimbabweans who have offered me their homes in Sweden. Thank you for the offer. But, my dogs are naughty hazvizodi kudedzera mumba mevanhu iwe uri muenzi.”

“Zimbabweans, get me out of this country, I have had enough, I can leave all my property in Sweden, I do not care.

“But, I need to get out with my dogs. They have been with me for five years and they are my family,

“I can’t commit suicide, never. I slept in the train station and rang the social service in Härnösand and they said they can’t help me. I can’t continue this rough sleeping, it’s killing me.

“When the police kicked (me) out of my house, they never gave me a chance to take my HIV medicine. It’s not good for me to not be taking my ARVs. Sweden is not for me,” she posted with crying emojis.

Zuva Habane
Zuva Habane

But not everyone is sympathising with Tatelicious. South Africa based “Urban Tete” and socialite Zuva Habane said what was happening to her was karma.

“Many people have lost jobs, marriages broken, families disturbed and some became ill with emotions to the level of thinking to commit suicide due to Tatelicious’ insults that she streamed on ‘his’ social media platforms.

“If you have to gather 12000 people, breaking someone’s marriage, that is modern day witchcraft.

“What is happening to Tatelicious is nothing more than a taste of ‘his’ medicine, I watched ‘him’ tell lies about my life in front of 5000 people, to be honest I am just watching and saying God is trying to show ‘him’ something, let us not intervene,” Zuva said.

Admire Mushambi from Mhosva TV said; “You laughed at my poverty impressing your followers, but if I was not strong, I would not be where I am right now.

“What has happened to you is heart-breaking, I am really sorry but it is God’s discipline.,” Mushambi wrote.

Meanwhile Tatelicious is fighting back. She wants to be compensated for the USD$42 000 she spent on a new kitchen, USD$7000 in mortgage payments she made and another USD$10 000 for having the debt on the house being “wrongfully” put in her name. Nehanda Radio