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CCC’s Madzibaba veShanduko arrested, badly assaulted for wearing yellow

A prominent Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Godfrey Karembera popularly known as Madzibaba veShanduko has been arrested in Harare at corner Rizende and Nelson Mandela Avenues.

CCC confirmed the development on Twitter: “Citizens Coalition For Change activist, Godfrey Karembera popularly known as Madzibaba VeShanduko has been arrested in Central Harare and badly assaulted on his legs for allegedly donning yellow.”

He was arrested on Thursday mid-morning while he was donning CCC’s popular yellow garments. It is further alleged that the opposition activist has been badly assaulted on his legs and back.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) led by Doug Coltart have since stepped in to provide legal aid for the opposition activist.

“At Harare Central Police Station, our lawyers @mudashoko @IdirasheC @DougColtart are trying to get access to Madzibaba ve Shanduko arrested in the capital city today.

“Madzibaba ve Shanduko has been badly assaulted on his legs and back. One police officer is taking issue with him for allegedly dressing improperly as he is wearing a floral blue short sleeved shirt and a navy blue backpack,” ZLHR said.

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s sources also confirmed that Madzibaba veShanduko had been beaten up.

“Sources are telling me that Madzibaba veShanduko has been beaten up so badly, he can’t walk,” he said.

“He is now in police cells at Harare Central police station.

“They are accusing him of disorderly conduct, but sources are saying it is cover up for the brutality by the police.”

Madzibaba ve Shanduko is popular for mobilising supporters for Chamisa especially during rallies. He has been traveling around the country with the CCC party attracting large crowds to Chamisa’s rallies. Nehanda Radio