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Chamisa pays tribute to Zimbos in the diaspora sustaining families back home

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has paid tribute to Zimbabweans in diaspora who are sustaining families back home while shouldering the tottering national economy.

Many Zimbabweans fled the country during the last two decades looking for greener pastures. Most of them send money and resources to assist their families back home.

Zimbabwe’s diaspora remittances jumped from about US$$1 billion in 2020 to US$1.4 billion in 2021.

Addressing the nation last night, Chamisa said: “Tribute to citizens in the diaspora representing the national and sustaining families back home, and national economy.

“Zimbabwe received US $1 billion (2020), US$1.4 billion (2021) in remittances. Government has sadly failed to respect the rights of diasporans.”

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The diasporans last year fundraised more than US$120 000 to buy Chamisa an armour plated vehicle after he allegedly survived an assassination attempt during a countrywide tour. His Toyota Fortuner was reportedly smashed by suspected state security operatives.

Right now Zimbabweans outside the country are also raising money for the purposes of “defending the vote”.

Chamisa said: “Without any direction nor instruction from political leaders, citizens in the diaspora organised to raise funds to support the struggle. We understand they’ve picked up from the successes of last year to ensure we campaign everywhere for the 2023 elections.”

Zimbabwe is set to hold elections in 2023. Chamisa urged his supporters to register to vote.

“Register to vote for the change you want to see. Register to vote for jobs; grants; students payouts, better education; a happy life; strong economy; functional health system; a Zimbabwe that works for all of us, not just a few of us,” he said.

If his party is voted into power, Chamisa said: “We’ll offer alternative policy in education, energy, agriculture, freedom, support for young people, diaspora. We are an alternative in policies. We can’t be talking about stone age tactics like Pfumvudza in this day and age. We will move to Smart Agriculture.

“Once we get our army; police; courts; the law; our politics; policies; Parliament; our leaders back to the citizens, then we’ll be able to make change happen. In the next months we’ll be rolling out the Citizens Charter and building the Transformation Team.” Nehanda Radio