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‘Mai TT is one of the biggest social media bullies’ – Olinda Chapel

UK based businesswoman and socialite Olinda Chapel has lashed out at Felistus ‘Mai TT’ Murata for appealing to Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa to jail another socialite Evidence ‘Chihera’ Jiji.

Olinda through an Instagram live video said that Mai TT gained popularity through her videos by bullying other socialites.

“I am not saying what Evidence does is right, she is wrong but Mai TT is not the person to push that agenda because Mai TT is one of the biggest bullies on social media.

“And this is one of her videos. Tikaenda pa Youtube ndinogona kumaswerera ndichima player ese one by one of every person that she has attacked,” said Olinda.

Mai Titi and Olinda Chapel
Mai Titi and Olinda Chapel during a lunch date in the UK in March 2020

Mai TT has come under scrutiny after a video circulated on social media appealing to Minister Mutsvangwa to arrest Chihera for cyber bullying her on several occasions.

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Mai TT is baying for her crucifixion, accusing Chihera of peddling malicious information with the intention to mud stain her career and image.

In the video, Olinda said that Mai TT is a well known Zanu PF supporter and she should not use her political power to solve her beef with Chihera.

“…it looks like you are using political platforms because everybody knows that you are Zanu PF which is your right. You have got the right to support Zanu PF the same way I have got the right to support CCC but it doesn’t mean use those political platforms to be trying to bully other people…,” added Olinda.

Last year, Mai TT filed a $200k lawsuit against Chihera for defamation and with nothing seemingly fruitful with the legal procedure she has engaged Minister Mutsvangwa to get her arrested.