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Circus as suspended Dynamos chairman disputes suspended ZIFA board’s suspension

Suspended Dynamos FC chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa through his lawyers has disputed the suspension that was imposed on him by the suspended ZIFA board last week, describing it as null and void.

Mupfurutsa was together with his counterparts Highlanders’ Johnfat Sibanda as well as CAPS United’s Nhamo Tutisani abruptly relieved of their duties by the suspended Felton Kamambo led board.

Their suspensions were made known in letters that were written by ZIFA chief executive officer Joseph Mamutse directed to the alleged aforesaid persons.

They were suspended owing to a number of allegations including a request to hold a special extraordinary general meeting that was reportedly aimed at ‘putting an end’ to the Kamambo led ZIFA board which is being accused of ‘incompetence’ in the top office.

However, Mupfurutsa’s legal advisors Gill, Godlonton & Gerrans have challenged the legality of the suspension their client was slapped with by the ZIFA secretariat.

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Mupfurutsa’s lawyers told the state owned daily newspaper the Herald that the suspension is contrary to ZIFA’s statutes and they deemed it as unconstitutional.

“The point that we wish to draw to your attention is that in terms of the ZIFA constitution, neither Congress nor the Executive Committee has the power to suspend “a person” in the position of our client as purportedly done.

“For this reason, the purported suspension is a nullity and of no force and effect. We have advised our client to ignore it and proceed with the execution of his duties as before.

“The ZIFA constitution does not confer any powers on the secretariat to undertake any disciplinary processes against any person, let alone a person in the position of our client.

“The secretariat cannot arrogate to itself those powers. For that reason, apart from it coming from an outsider as explained above, the purported charge is a nullity because it is not provided for in terms of the ZIFA constitution,” the legal advisors told the paper.

Furthermore, the law experts also argue that the Kamambo led board is not eligible to undertake any valid administrative roles at ZIFA because it was also suspended by the Sports and Recreation Commision (SRC) in November until their suspension has been resolved.

“In any event, our client is aware of the fact that as at 28 January 2022, the date of the purported charge, the Executive Committee of ZIFA had been suspended by the Sports and Recreation Commission.

“Our client has taken the position that your letters of 28 January 2022 cannot be attributed to ZIFA because at the time that you authored them and indeed to date, you do not have the requisite mandate to undertake any administrative roles on behalf of ZIFA.”

In addition: “That suspension is still extant regardless of any appeals that may have been lodged to the Administrative Court by the affected members. (Please refer to the legal position articulated above).

“Our client is aware of the fact that congress did not make any resolution to institute disciplinary measures against him. On that additional basis, the purported charge is invalid.

“In view of the foregoing, we draw your attention to the fact that we have advised our client to ignore your correspondence and carry on with his duties as a football administrator as previously advised.”