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Businessman kidnapped near Mozambique police hub

By Jose Tembe | BBC News, Maputo |

A businessman reportedly of Turkish nationality has been kidnapped in the centre of Mozambique’s capital, Maputo.

Witnesses say the criminals acted very quickly. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, on a road close to a police station and the government’s Information Office where the man had parked his car.

According to witnesses, moments later, the victim was seized and taken to their own vehicle.

“The bandits fired just one shot into the air and we all stayed on the ground” but some “ran fearing for their lives”, said a witness who said he was an employee of the victim.

After a slight lull, kidnappings for ransom are once again becoming a problem.

Mozambique is forming an anti-abduction unit – but the latest kidnapping is seen as an embarrassment given it took place in the city centre and after restructuring top roles at the interior ministry and the national criminal unit (Sernic).