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Activist Mahohoma seeks US$25 000 for kidney transplant in India

Wellington Mahohoma, a development activist and board member of Citizens Initiative has been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and needs US$25 000 for a kidney transplant in India.

Mahohoma is appealing to well wishers to help him raise the money.

So far, a total of US$ $4,267 has been raised of US$25 000 goal by 94 donors through the GoFundMe organised by Zimbabweans Freeman Chari and Chenayi Mutambasere.


Mahohoma has been a volunteer on numerous citizen-funded projects in Zimbabwe. He was involved in implementing development and humanitarian projects across Zimbabwe. These include Cholera Response, Cyclone Idai Response, Construction of School blocks across Zimbabwe.

Phillan Zamchiya, a Harare-based political activist and analyst, articulated the journey Mahohoma walked fighting for justice in Zimbabwe.

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He said: “A good citizen, Wellington Mahohoma, needs USD 25 000 to get a kidney transplant in India as soon as possible so that he can FIGHT AGAIN. Mahohoma always said: “Serving people through seeking justice is neither an option nor choice, but a duty which we are all compelled to carry out…”.

“But now the soul is willing but the kidneys are failing. Mahohoma cannot fight again. I am therefore humbly making an appeal to you and your networks to help spread the love [Message] in any helpful way so that people can donate via Ecocash 0777078387 or GoFundMe https://gofund.me/a76e65d4.

“Mahohoma is a selfless and dedicated fighter who did everything in his power to help others. At the University of Zimbabwe, he was expelled and barred for life for fighting injustice-sacrificing his prestigious BSc Honours Degree in Land Surveying and Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Engineering.

“During his elected tenure in the Students Executive Council (SEC), he was unlawfully detained and arrested several times. However, he continued to dedicate his life to the democratic struggle and to charity work.

“An unsung hero who set up mobile health clinics to help the poor, raised money to build schools for the marginalised, personally went on the ground to help Cyclone Idai victims and fearlessly mobilised the citizens to demand democracy and vote for change.

“Now this wonderful giant, one of the genuine faces of altruism, wants to fight again for the ordinary people but he cannot without help. Please find the video attached with highlights of some of his work.

“Even on his birthday, 22 November 2018, he walked 25 kilometres to raise awareness on the challenges faced by the Girl Child to gain access to sanitary wear in Zimbabwe and raised some funds.

“He has given everything for the poor and marginalised citizens. Now it is our turn to give a little in cash or in kind through spreading the appeal. Yes, we can,” Zamchiya wrote. Nehanda Radio