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‘I’m not into politics’ Mai Tt distances herself from post dissing Chamisa

Comedian Mai Tt real name Felistus Murata has distanced herself from a trending post slamming opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s new party.

According to the viral screenshot, Mai Tt threatens those supporting the new party that they will ‘fira mahara’.

“Yellow yekuita seiko? Zimbabwe ndeye ropa, haife yakatorwa ne Pen (eversharp) ne paper. Munofira mahara imi. Pres ED Mnangagwa has my VOTE!” read the post.

This comes after Chamisa launched his new political party the Citizens Coalition for Change with the brand color, yellow.

Comedienne Felistas “Mai TT” Murata
Comedienne Felistas “Mai TT” Murata
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In a video denouncing the post, Mai Tt said she was not involved in politics and doesn’t belong to any political party.

She said, “This thing that was posted about Zanu PF, I didn’t post that, I never posted that. It’s a fake chat.

“Last time something similar was done on me and Tyra. It was posted in the same group, Mafira Kureva that we were insulting each other.”

She added, “I’m not into politics I don’t do politics. I don’t belong to Zanu or MDC, I belong to God…. I benefit nothing from ZANU PF, I benefit nothing from MDC.”

The comedian took the opportunity to pour water on rumors that she was being paid by Zanu PF to influence people to vote for the party in the upcoming 2023 elections.

“I’ll stand my ground to say it. I’ve never been paid by Zanu, I’ve never been paid by MDC…. I don’t even know where ZANU PF headquarters are, I don’t know where ZANU PF offices are. The fact that I went to see my President it’s because he is the President of the country.

“He just wanted to greet me, we didn’t meet to talk about Zanu,” she added.

The controversial comedian was previously linked to Zanu PF after she was made an advocate for Children and Women for a Zanu affiliated organization Young Women for ED. Nehanda Radio