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Freeman praises inexperienced model in ‘Robbery’ music video

When it comes video vixens, dancehall singer Freeman is known for choosing the best of the best, this time around he had to think on his feet after a vixen of choice for his Robbery music video pulled out at the last minute.

He revealed the initially chosen model could not appear in his video after her boyfriend threatened to breakup with her if she did.

The HKD Boss released his music video starring entrepreneur Tinashe Mutarisi. The ‘Pombi’ hit maker took to social media gushing over a Nash Paints employee Chido who played the role of Doreen in the music video.

He wrote, “So maGallis this [is] Chido a girl from NashPaints she played her role as Doreen paRobbery she was HK’s girlfriend.

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“So what happened is the model wataifana kushanda naye on thjs video did not show up at last minute hanzi her BF [Boyfriend] akati ukaendako relationship yafa, asi varume so.”

The award winning singer went on to explain how he had to use Chido as an alternative and do the shoot with her without going through the rehearsal process.

“That time taive pa Nash Paints Graniteside the whole team waiting to start the shoot so I was seated mumota naJah Paints (Tinashe Mutarisi) that’s when we saw that girl walking akabata maPapers arinu uniform then I called her ndobva ndamuti can you be our mod in a music video?

“She couldn’t believe it until azoti it’s fine let me ask for permission from the Boss who happened to be Jah Paints.

“Doreen played her part just like that, no rehearsal anything and definitely she was paid for that haaa mupei sando mwanaxana!!”

Freeman’s fans also praised the model for excellently executing her role.

Freeman’s song is currently sitting on number 2 top trending Songs in Zimbabwe on YouTube with over 127 000 views in the space of 24 hours. Nehanda Radio