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Trevor Dongo accuses Poptain of stealing his beat for new song

RnB singer Trevor Dongo has sparked controversy on social media after implying fast rising Zimdancehall chanter Poptain stole his beat for the song “Something” which featured Lorenzo FTS.

Dongo took to Instagram congratulating Poptain for releasing the song but also took the opportunity to highlight that the beat used in the song was his.

“Respect to my brother Poptain but is this a remix to my record ‘conversations with my heart’ or ndiri kutadza kunyatsonzwa,’ wrote Dongo.

Dongo’s song was produced by MacDee while Poptain’s song was produced by Rodney Beats and Shamex who indirectly responded to Dongo saying he should ‘pay for studio time.’

Posting on his InstaStories Shamex wrote, “normalize paying for studio time and production you won’t have any problems.”

His post was followed with another of a video of him and Poptain in the studio with the caption, “all day everyday asvotwa ngaarutse.”

Efforts to get comments from Trevor and Poptain did not yield any results as Trevor’s phone rang without a response while Poptain’s phone went straight to voicemail. Nehanda Radio