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Jacob Zuma supporters gather in Nkandla to celebrate his presidency

Legions of former President Jacob Zuma’s supporters have started gathering outside his Nkandla home to celebrate his Presidency and thank him.

Zuma’s presidency has been a topic of fierce debates, with his supporters saying his tenure was good for black people as they advanced economically, adding that gains made by him are now being reversed.

Some of Zuma’s detractors have described his term in office as “9 wasted years”.

However, his supporters have vowed to show South Africans that Zuma presidency was a valuable one. As part of the celebration, supporters in ANC regalia and bearing gifts began streaming into Zuma’s homestead as early as noon on Thursday amid intense security.

The gates to the house of the former head of state were manned by former MK combatants and SAPS personnel.

The supporters, who have organised themselves under the banner of “My President Group”, said Zuma spent his time as president giving to the poor and it was his turn to receive gifts.

Among those spotted speaking to supporters at the gate was Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma. He declined to give media interviews, referring all queries to the visiting delegation.

Also spotted walking through the gates was Radical Economic Transformation (RET) national chairperson Nkosentsha Shezi.

Speaking to the media, My President Group spokesperson Mduduzi Nkambule said they saw Zuma’s reign “as glorious years” that benefited mainly black people’s black-owned businesses.

“As black people in this country, we know that was nine glorious years and now it’s the proof as unemployment is going up, which means more people are unemployed,“ Nkambule said in defence of Zuma’s presidency, which started in May 2009 and was cut short by an ANC recall in February 2018.

Zuma and his family were expected to have dinner later with the supporters.

The group has distanced itself from the Zuma braai and picnic planned for Monday, December 27, saying they don’t know the organisers.