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Presidential Envoy Uebert Angel’s mother (81) passes away

Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large, Prophet Uebert Angel’s mother Rose Angel (81) has passed away four days before Christmas.

In a message posted via his instagram page Ambassador Angel said “Miss you already ❤️- You left this earth at 81 years of age a few hours ago going to a better place with rewards no ear has heard and no eye has exhaustively seen, I want to echo what I have always intimated – You deserved and still ,though in the heavens above, deserve an entire parade not just a post or a eulogy.

Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large, Prophet Uebert Angel has lost his mother Rose Angel (81) four days before Christmas.
Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large, Prophet Uebert Angel has lost his mother Rose Angel (81) four days before Christmas.

“For starters: it was you that birthed a baby that became an enigma and celebrated by many. You never wavered in your belief that I could achieve anything that the Lord had set in his purposes and pursuits AND you did not just carry me in your womb but you lived so that I could live and now that you have gone back home I just want everyone to know. I can still feel your touch, I can still hear your voice and when I close my eyes I can still see your face and when I move in my spirit I see you in the arms of Jesus.

“I see you with your dear husband and your departed son… now is that time for reunion for you so while we miss you we celebrate your life and promotion into the heavenlies. Your love was palpable. You are the true definition of IRREPLACEABLE, the true meaning of BEAUTY, the epitome of POMP & GRANDEUR with GRACE, my secret source of power that is now received in the heavens above & seeing the creator who spoke to you about birthing me when you had stopped birthing children.

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“My beloved mother, I love you,I will love you forever and always. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, selfless, caring and warm-hearted parent. My mother, If it weren’t for you I would not have followed my calling. If it wasn’t for you millions around the world would not have seen the Jesus I was sent to preach. If it wasn’t for you the less privileged would not have seen a better tomorrow.

“When the Lord said 2021 was going to be a difficult year who would have thought you would be included in those difficulties. Your ministry is finished here so earth so In pain and in sorrow I stand as one with the revelation of where you are and say I celebrate today because of you. My Hero, my Genesis-You truly are the greatest. BeBe & I will always love you and we miss you mum, Rose Angel. Rest well in the arms of the Jesus you preached and loved – See you at the Rapture!”

Ambassador Angel’s wife Beverly also posted a message saying: “You were not my mother-in-law, that almost sounds insulting for who you were in my life. you were my ‘Mudiwa’, my love, and I yours. Your name perfectly described you, Rose. The rarest kind.

“Treating anyone who came close to you with so much love – you were an example to me and your words of wisdom to me I will treasure. From the first day I met you as my husbands girlfriend, at the age of 19, you loved me hard and that love moulded a lot of who I am today.

“Thank you for birthing my King mama, thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel to bring forth His Prophet. Thank you for being as tough as nails and showing me how, thank you for demonstrating tenacious faith in God.

“I know you’re now basking in the ultimate love of Jesus! I will surely miss our laughs and long profound conversations. My Prophet told me three years ago that it was time and you’d be given extra time. So I’m grateful to God for allowing the extra time. Farewell my Mudiwa, till rapture. I love you. BeBe.”