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Kadoma council bills revert to July levels

By Ivan Zhakata

Kadoma City Council has reduced its October and November bills, reverting to the July level, following complaints from residents over high charges and poor service delivery.

Kadoma Townhall
Kadoma Townhall

Town clerk Mr Malvern Dondo said reverting to the July levels was valid for two months and they would return to their normal billing system next month.

“Following the concerns raised by ratepayers over the recent tariff increases, council has reconsidered its position and resolved to reduce the bills to the approved July levels which is 75 percent of the October bill,” he said.

“The reduction will be for two months to November 2021. From December 2021 council will revert to the approved October tariffs to enable it to cover its ever increasing costs.

“Ratepayers can start paying 75 percent of the bills received in October while council processes bill reductions which should be completed and communicated by the next billing cycle.”

Mr Dondo urged indebted residents to clear all arrears by December 31.

He said those in arrears next year would be charged interest at the prevailing bank rates.

“Council will hand them over for collection of all outstanding amounts at their cost,” said Mr Dondo. “Council has also awarded a monthly incentive of 10 percent to those that will clear their October bills by 15 November 2021.

“Those who have already cleared their October bills will be considered for the discount as well. The 10 percent will be extended to those who clear their arrears in the November and December bills due dates.”

Mr Dondo said they hoped ratepayers would clear their debts, thereby capacitating the administrative staff with adequate resources to deal with the various service challenges facing the city.

Council was grateful to compliant ratepayers who had kept it going during difficult times and urged those in arrears to make efforts to clear outstanding bills. The Herald