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Nakamba visits Mnangagwa, pleads with him to stop Chinese invasion of his village

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa | Nehanda Sports |

Hwange born Aston Villa midfielder, Marvellous Nakamba reportedly visited President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House after the World Cup qualifier match against Ghana last Tuesday.

Aston Villa have agreed a deal worth more than £11m for Club Brugge midfielder Marvelous Nakamba
Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba

Sources told Nehanda Radio that the visit saw Nakamba pleading with Mnangagwa to help stop the operations of a Chinese mining company prospecting for coal at his Katambe Village.

The plea comes at a time when Mnangagwa reportedly gave a Special Grant to the company to mine large quantities of coal. The source said Nakamba was escorted to State House by bodyguards who had came to fetch him at the hotel.

Adding to the comments the source said the agenda of the meeting was to see Nakamba negotiating face to face with the president in order to avoid the alleged displacements of 600 families who are located at Katambe Village.

“After the Ghana game some bodyguards came to the hotel where they fetched Marvellous Nakamba and escorted him to the State House, where it was said he had a meeting with the President,” said the source.

“The visit was for Nakamba to negotiate with the president face to face inorder to stop a Chinese mining company that is already said to be plotting to prospect for coal around Nakamba’s village including his homestead.”

Few days ago, the Centre for Natural Resources Governance (CNRG) executive director, Farai Mugawu took to his twitter handle and highlighted that the Chinese company representatives were seen by villagers surveying the area in search of suitable land to mine the coal.

Mugawu also indicated that the villagers reportedly said the Chinese were seen celebrating near Nakamba’s homestead, a suggestion that the place has good quality and quantity of coal needed.

The 27-year-old Villa star was born in Katambe Village located in Ward 13 in Hwange Rural.

He reportedly studied his grade 1-3 at Dinde Primary School before moving to Hwange town and later on to Bulawayo.

Nakamba’s Katambe homestead now has his aunty, however the player regularly visits the place during the off-season. He was last seen at the homestead in July. Nehanda Radio