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Diaspora community raising funds for Chamisa armour plated vehicle

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Zimbabweans in the diaspora have initiated a fundraiser to buy opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa an armoured plated vehicle following an attack of his cars by Zanu PF thugs earlier this week.

Zanu PF thugs attack Chamisa advance team in Masvingo: 'pre-election intimidation'
Zanu PF thugs attack Chamisa advance team in Masvingo: ‘pre-election intimidation’

Chamisa is on a tour of Masvingo meeting community leaders and villagers, but has been attacked several times by violent Zanu PF activists with the assistance of the police. His cars were left smashed on Monday while some of his team were injured.

As if that was not enough, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) also assisted Zanu PF’s fight against Chamisa by teargassing him at a private residence in Masvingo town on Monday morning.

Reports also say that the police besieged the Zaka home of MDC Alliance provincial chairman for Masvingo province Senator Misheck Marava and interrogated those present and demanded to search the place before camping at the place for the whole day.

Against this background, Zimbabweans outside the country are raising funds to buy Chamisa an armoured car that can withstand the impact of shrapnel, bullets, shells, rockets, and missiles and enemy fire at the hands of the Zanu PF regime.

The initiative was started by T. Basvi (popularly known as Mudhara B) and it is registered in the USA, led by an audited committee.

GofundMe to replace Chamisa vehicle

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“It is clear that the regime wants to continue to frustrate democracy by attacking the main opposition,” read the read part of the description in the GoFundMe campaign.

“The recent attacks (described below) showed that the regime wants to injure or cause serious harm to Adv. Nelson Chamisa.

“As the diaspora community of Zimbabwe (and friends) we want to send a clear message of solidarity by replacing Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s vehicle which was destroyed during the recent attacks orchestrated by the regime in Masvingo.

“Together as the diaspora community we felt this is one way we can support the democracy agenda from afar.”

Masvingo Mirror video of Zanu PF thugs confirming attack on Chamisa convoy

The Zimbabweans noted that violence against Chamisa would increase as the country draws closer towards the 2023 harmonised elections and saw it fit to buy him a safer car to protect him from attacks.

“As we draw closer to 2023 we foresee a likelihood of increased attacks on him and other aides in the run up to 2023.

“As concerned global citizens, we have come up with this initiative to raise funds for the purchase of an armor plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and security,” read the GoFundMe statement.

Chamisa escaped attacks at roadblocks mounted by Zanu PF supporters on his way to pass condolences to the family of the late MDC veteran politician Joseph Mutema of Mutaruse Village under Chief Charumbira on Monday.

Zanu PF has since accused the opposition leader of trying to force himself to address the people who did not want him and confirmed its ‘intolerance and violence’ against its biggest rival. Nehanda Radio